About Us

Wisepowder is focusing on the research, manufacturing and innovation of raw materials for nootropics, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical ingredients. We are a professional and experienced manufacturer and supplier.

Wisepowder is a well-known and reputable company with over 20 years of experience in Chinese nutraceutical industry. And, at present, all the production of ingredients has a standard quality control management system which is in strictly accordance with GMP regulations. WISEPOWDER provides top quality products. And, one team we cooperated with locates in U.S. will provide related service for our clients around the world.

Wisepowder has set up a laboratory center equipped with imported advanced instruments from Germany, Japan and U.S. for analysis and synthesis of the content of active ingredients which ensure Wisepowder controlling all stages of the manufacturing process.


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R & D platform

  1. Enzyme directed evolution platform
  2. Microbial Genome Editing platform
  3. Metabolic Engineeringplatform
  4. Small testof Fermentation platform
  5. Small test of Enzyme catalytic platform
  6. Small test of Product Extraction Platform
  7. Pilot test of Fermentation platform
  8. Pilot test of Enzyme catalytic platform
  9. Pilot test of Product Extraction Platform
wisepowder Factory pictures

Our Mission

  1. Care for Life

    We strive for the health of human society and strive for a better life for human beings.

  2. Social responsibility

    We have actively carried out social welfare activities in Asia and Africa, and have sent warmth to 200,000 people so far.

  3. Pursuing Innovation

    Innovation is our magic weapon to keep vigor up to now. If we want to survive in the market competition, we must have the ability to innovate.

  4. Pursuing Excellence

    We strictly require product quality and strict management and education for every company employee. Only we strictly require ourselves to pursue a better self.

  5. Customer First

    Customers are food and clothing parents. We must earnestly fulfill our commitment to customers.

Our Vision

  • Better Technology and Drugs to Serve More Customers.


  • Reduce the cost of the product, everyone can afford it.


  • Do our best to help the people away from desease.
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