Anandamide (AEA): Everything You Need To Know About


What Is Anandamide(AEA)?

The name Anandamide (AEA) comes from the word Ananda meaning that it produces happiness. It is an endocannabinoid that is classed in the fatty acid amides group. Structurally, it has the same molecular composition as that of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in cannabis. Usually, it is naturally produced by the body upon demand in the brain through a condensation reaction in the neurons.


How Does Anandamide(AEA) Work?

Anandamide is made from N-arachidonoyl phosphatidylethanolamine. It is broken down by the fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) enzyme to produce arachidonic acid and ethanolamine.  Being a fragile molecule, it gets broken down into other compounds quickly. If the FAAH doesn’t do this fast, the Anandamide hangs around the body longer. That means that you are likely to reap more of its benefits, e.g., less anxiety.

Anandamide interacts with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the nervous and peripheral nervous system, respectively. Through its interaction with the cannabinoid receptor in the brain, it affects either of the nervous systems. An increase in the Anandamide levels leads to increased levels of happiness.


What Is Anandamide(AEA) Used For(Benefits)?


  • Working memory

The beauty of Anandamide supplement is that it helps increase your working memory capacity. It also assists you to become more creative by gathering many pieces of information that you could use to create new ideas.

A study done on mice with working memory deficits showed that with Anandamide use, there was a notable improvement. So next time you want to stay focused on your studies or work, then you could use Anandamide pills.


  • Controls appetite

If you are interested in maintaining a regulated diet, then you have to have your appetite in control. One of the Anandamide benefits is that it regulates your appetite and satiety cycles. Consequently, this reduces hunger pangs and crazy cravings. With this, you could even decide to have one portion a day if you are on a mission to lose weight. Try it today and see how it changes the weight loss game for you.


  • Neurogenesis

To have your brain work at its maximum capacity, then there must be neurogenesis. That is the process of creating new neurons or brain cells. One of the chemicals that effectively increase neurogenesis, especially in the elderly, is Anandamide (AEA).

If you maintain the proper Anandamide levels in your brain, then you are at a lower risk of suffering from neurodegenerative issues.


  • Regulates sex desire

Nowadays, people are using Anandamide to improve their sexual desire. At a low Anandamide dosage, there is stimulation in one’s sexual desire. That, however, works in reverse when one takes a high Anandamide dosage. Their sexual desire reduces.

Another theory that supports the role of Anandamide in sex is the fact that it improves your mood. It also helps relieve anxiety, which in turn makes the sex desire to go up.


  • Anticarcinogenic

Anandamide has proven to present anticancer action through psychotropic effects. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in those who have breast cancer. The advantage with it is that it doesn’t lead to significant adverse effects like conventional drugs do.


  • Antiemetic

Anandamide can control nausea and vomiting. It works hand in hand with serotonin to produce this effect. These make them useful as antiemetic drugs for cancer patients during chemotherapy.


  • Relieve pain

Anandamide binds to CB1 and does away with any pain by hindering the signaling. Due to its powerful pain-relieving effects, Anandamide pills could be used for pain management in patients who have chronic pain.


  • Regulates mood

The endocannabinoid system is what regulates your moods. Anandamide regulates the feeling of fear, anxiety, and happiness. The higher amount of Anandamide in your system, the better the mood.


  • Antidepressant

If you are feeling depressed, then you may want to nourish your anandamide levels. A study done on streptozotocin-diabetic rats showed that Anandamide reverses depressive-like behavior.


  • Inhibits edema and inflammation

Another significant Anandamide benefit is that it inhibits cell swelling as well as edema. It could also be used to reverse inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.


  • Promotes fertility

Anandamide and CB1 receptors play a significant role in ovulation as well as in implantation. A study done showed that there has to be high Anandamide levels or there to be successful ovulation. Also, the Anandamide levels have to be at their lowest for implantation to occur.


What Foods Contain Anandamide(AEA)?


  • Essential fatty acids

When we talk about endocannabinoid-enhancing fatty acids, we are talking about eggs, walnuts, sardines, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds as well as hemp oil. They nourish your body with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that enhance the endocannabinoids activity.


  • Herbs and teas

Herbs like lemon balm, hops, cannabis, cloves, cinnamon, oregano and black pepper contain compounds that aid in endocannabinoid system enhancement.


  • Chocolate

We all love chocolate, right? Well, other than the sweetness and the cravings it comes with, it is an excellent Anandamide (AEA) source. Here’s why; cacao powder is made up of two compounds that share the same structure as that of endocannabinoids.

They are oleolethanolamine and linoleoylethanolamine. The two limit the breakdown of your body’s endocannabinoids hence protecting you from Anandamide deficiency.


How To Increase Anandamide(AEA)?


  • Take CBD

If you are looking for a way to stimulate your endocannabinoid system, then you should consider taking CBD. The introduction of this compound increases the anandamide levels through the inhibition of the FAAH. FAAH is the enzyme that is responsible for anandamide degradation. The less the FAAH, the more the Anandamide in the body.


  • Exercise

You have probably heard something called the runner’s high. The good feeling you get after exercising. If you have experienced it, you must have craved having it again. All this is caused by an increase in the anandamide levels.

A study done on mice showed that after exercise, they appeared to be calmer and were less sensitive to pain too. They also had higher levels of endocannabinoids and endorphins. It was therefore concluded that the feeling was a result of CB1 and CB2 receptors activation by Anandamide. Why not exercise and let your body thank you for all the hard work?


  • Reduce your stress levels

Stress is common and sometimes unavoidable. But did you know that handling it enhances your Anandamide(AEA) levels? The reason is that scientists have found stress to cause a decrease in CB1 receptors.

A study done in animals proved that when one is exposed to excess glucocorticoid levels for a long time, e.g., when one has chronic stress conditions, the hippocampal CB1 receptors reduce. Consequently, there is a reduced cannabinoid function.

So if you do not want to suffer from Anandamide deficiency, you ought to make some changes in your life if you are always in constant stressful situations. You could also practice relaxation as a response to stress in case you find yourself in such a condition.


  • Meditating

Meditating is one sure way of producing all the feel-good chemicals. Practicing it could promote the natural production of Anandamide and dopamine. It could also increase the serotonin and endorphins levels.

It also increases oxytocin, which stimulates the production of Anandamide.


  • Taking black truffles

Researchers have revealed that black truffles contain Anandamide. They believe that truffles use it to attract animals to feed on their fruiting bodies to enhance the spread of their spores. That gives them a better chance of reproducing.



Anandamide(AEA) Dosage

As with other endocannabinoids, lower doses are beneficial, while high doses could be harmful. The appropriate Anandamide dosage should be 1.0mg/kg.


Anandamide(AEA) Side Effects

This compound is well-tolerated, and you will rarely find yourself suffering from Anandamide side effects. Some of the temporary side effects could be weight loss, vomiting, and dizziness.


Anandamide (AEA ) Supplements buy

As you can see, Anandamide plays a vital role in our bodies. Other than regulating several essential body functions, it also prevents you from diseases associated with Anandamide.  If you feel like you have Anandamide deficiency, then you should consider supplementing it. After all, diet and exercise may not provide you with enough Anandamide. Where do you buy Anandamide?

Wisepowder is Anandamide (AEA) suppliers who will only sell you highly effective products.



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