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Fasoracetam and Nootropics

Fasoracetam (110958-19-5) which is also known as LAM-105, NFC-1, and NS-105, is a smart drug or nootropic which belongs to the popular racetam family of drugs. Nootropics are quickly growing in popularity thanks to their ability to enhance cognitive function, especially executive functions, motivation, memory, or creativity, in healthy individuals. In this article we are going to discuss fasoracetam in depth.


What is Fasoracetam

Fasoracetam is a new Racetam family member. Fasoracetam powder is showing high potential not only as one of the greatest nootropics but also as non-stimulant effective medication for ADHD. Fasoracetam powder 110958-19-5 has shown that it can prevent against amnesia and other memory-loss impairments in a practical study conducted on rats.

Furthermore, there is great evidence on the cognitive advantages to be derived from using fasoracetam and that’s why the drug have been rated as the best nootropics.

For instance, fasoracetam nootropics can be applied to alleviate depression or provide anxiety relief and take the user into a determined and calm state.

Fasoracetam half life is relatively short because it is around two hours. However, it remains powerful for that short duration. With this in mind, you can take several small doses throughout the day.


How does Fasoracetam work? Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of fasoracetam is not entirely understood. It is however believed to regulate the release and production of the three most important neurotransmitters of the brain which include glutamate, cetylcholine, and GABA.


Balance Restoration to the Glutamate System

The pure Nootropics fasoracetam is known to regulate some receptors of the brain for glutamate, a critical excitatory neurotransmitter important for all brain function’s aspects.

Imbalances of glutamate are associated with a wide variety of mental and physical disorders, including neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, schizophrenia, depressive disorder, and epilepsy.

Fasoracetam nootropics functions on glutamate receptor’s specific group known as metabotropic glutamate receptors or mGluRs that play a wide variety of roles in the brain and the body but are majorly involved in memory, anxiety, and learning.

The only known metabotropic glutamate receptors are eight in number and they functions together to ensure maintenance of a delicate balance. Two of these mGluRs acts to boost neural excitation and the other six lowering neurotoxicity risk by lessening neural excitation as required.

In research studies involving animals, fasoracetam powder achieved to restore  the work of two inhibitory metabotropic glutamate receptors, slightly reducing glutamate activity in the brain.

However, fasoracetam  may also regulate all the mGluRs, restoring balance to the whole glutamate system. This mechanism of action explains why fasoracetam adhd treatment gives perfect results. ADHD is highly associated with decreased glutamate levels, without functioning as an overall stimulant.


Acetylcholine roles

Fasoracetam is a very powerful cholinergic. This means that it greatly boosts uptake of choline in the brain cortex and hippocampus. The additional choline produced is utilized by the brain to boost acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a valuable neurotransmitter which has affects general memory, learning, and cognition.

This type of cholinergic mechanism is typical for Piracetam, Aniracetam, and other Racetams. Actually, this is why racetams family of nootropics is so potent at enhancing cognition. Also, like most Racetams this mechanism leads to spending too much choline, which leads to headaches. That’s why it’s recommended that you take a choline stack when taking Racetams.


GABA Upregulation

This nootropic has been proved to stimulate the activity of GABA-B receptors upwards. This makes more GABA available in the CNS (central nervous system) and the brain.

Also, glutamate is the precursor to GABA, an essential inhibitory neurotransmitter which is associated with reducing anxiety, learning, promoting sleep, and has calming effects.

The extra GABA, in combination with the glutamate receptors modulation, is how Fasoracetam powder relieves anxiety and depression increasing motivation and decreasing social inhibition.

In research studies involving rats, this combined mechanism of action was seen crucial to the ability of subjects to overcome learned helplessness after fasoracetam treatment.


Fasoracetam benefits and effects

What we liked about Fasoracetam is its usability. This nootropic can be utilized by a wide variety of people, depending on the problems they have and their age. People with various conditions as well as healthy people can apply it to assist them deal with the health issues that trouble them. It does not matter whether the user is a working person, a senior citizen, or a college student, they can all experience some incredible Fasoracetam benefits.

Here are some of the most important fasoracetam benefits:


Improved concentration and focus

Fasoracetam has the potential to activate Choline levels in the brain, assisting users feel well focused and on point, without the need to use any extra stimulants. Unlike stimulants, this nootropic enables you to stay focused and perform all the tasks ahead of you without feeling like walking around to release the built up physical energy. In simpler terms, you’ll feel calm and stay focused on your job.

Increased choline levels can also lead to enhanced concentration. This means that users of this drug can be better at learning and utilizing their intelligence to the optimum levels.

Fasoracetam powder is an excellent drug for anyone who want to boost their cognitive functions and achieve the enhancements they need, without feeling wired and unable to stay calm in one place.

These Fasoracetam benefits are also excellent for the elderly people who have had cognitive decline. By using fasoracetam, they’ll have the ability to talk better, make better sense of what is going on around them and also feel younger in terms of thinking and judgement.



Reducing Depression and anxiety

Another Fasoracetam powder (110958-19-5) benefit that makes it different from any other kind of anxiety drug is that it provides a non-addictive and smooth relief from nervousness without associated ‘buzz.’ This medication does this through its effects on the receptors of our two major mood-influencing neurochemicals which are glutamate and GABA.

Those people who are anxious tend to have over-active glutamate system. What fasoracetam does is to balance that system. Also, it stimulates the GABA receptors upwards, thus giving calming effect which is not accompanied by drowsiness.

The positive effects of fasoracetam powder are not limited to human beings. One fasoracetam nootropics expert said that animals have also shown the ability to handle challenging situations with more calm after taking the medication during trials.


Enhanced mood

The mood improving effects of fasoracetam aren’t instant. It functions on bringing a person into a better state of mind gradually over time. Each time the user takes Fasoracetam supplement, the drug boosts the efficiency of GABA receptors. Remember that it has been medically proven that a reduced level of functioning in GABA receptors may cause low mood.

It is speculated that elements that boost functioning of GABA receptor could be the new magic of antidepressant compounds with a wide range of potential uses. That’s why fasoracetam can be very effective for users who have low mood and self-esteem.

If you experience social Anxiety and feel down all the time, fasoracetam can help you feel better and get you to a better state of mind and motivation. What is even more amazing  is that even after you stop taking it, your GABA receptors will still remain enhanced and you won’t depend on the medication to feel better.


Enhanced memory

As we earlier said, Fasoracetam nootropic acts on chemicals that are already located in the brain, which include acetylcholine and choline, and through these effects, it offers better neuroprotection within our brain. Additionally, like other Racetam family Nootropics, it also have qualities that enhance memory retention.

When you take this medication, you’ll have better memory recall. You’ll also have the ability to form memories more efficiently. What this means is that if you learn something while on this medication, you’ll have the ability to retain this knowledge successfully. Additionally, it assists the older generation combat memory deterioration more efficiently and have a better memory overall as they become older.


Results on users with ADHD

The aim of managing ADHD is always one of the hottest topics in the medical fraternity. Having in mind that there were signs showing that Fasoracetam medication may work ina good way, a trial study was done with 30 participant adolescents. The 29 participants who completed this research study showed an excellent decrease in ADHD symptoms and had improved Vanderbilt scores, a method which measures ADHD symptoms.

At the beginning of the research study, the scores were determined at 29.1 and after five weeks the number greatly dropped to 22.5. Those who participated were given 2 doses of 50 mg/day during week one and the fasoracetam dosage was increased to 500 mg gradually given two times per day in the last week. ADHD symptoms started to decrease at the beginning of week two and constantly improved until the completion of the study.


Fasoracetam and Phenibut

If you want to use Fasoracetam to assist you combat depression and anxiety or to enhance your cognition, then you should consider stacking fasoracetam and Phenibut or otherwise use Fasoracetam to supplement or boost your existing medication.

It is crucial to know that combining the use of new nootropics might not be the best idea, particularly if you want to use them recreationally.

Let’s face it, there’s very little, if any written evidence to assist determine how Fasoracetam works with Phenibut, or any other nootropic type, drug, chemical, and medication.

Having this in mind, we advise you to take extra caution while trying any nootropic or medication, especially if scientific studies and clinical trials aren’t widely available.

A certain user was reported to experience a phenibut overdose because of combining fasoracetam and Phenibut. Even though this evidence is anecdotal it still signifies that it can be risky to combine drugs if they haven’t undergone extensive clinical trials in a controlled environment. Please keep in mind that it is always important to discuss with your professional healthcare expert before  trying any medication or nootropic.


Fasoracetam dosage and stack


Fasoracetam dosage

The effects of this drug on human beings have not yet been documented comprehensively, so there’s no definitive guideline for fasoracetam dosage.

In the clinical trials involving adolescents with ADHD, fasoracetam was orally administered in a single initial dose of 50 mg to 800 mg, followed by subsequent symptom-driven dosages of up to 400 mg two times per day for four weeks. One fasoracetam psychonaut took just 10mg per day sublingually and he was able to achieve the desired results.

In a clinical study involving 14 Japanese men, daily doses of 100 mg were given. This dosage proved to be efficient. Notwithstanding, fasoracetam is a very powerful compound, and dosages as low as 20 mg administered one or two times per day have proved to be as efficient for some users.

With all Nootropics and the same with fasoracetam, it is wise to start with the lowest efficient dosage and gradually increase as required.

Fasoracetam powder is a water soluble drug. You can take fasoracetam empty stomach or take it with food. Most users say they have had the best outcomes taking the drug sublingually. However, other users found that extreme bitterness made sublingual method unfeasible.

Clinical trials documentations with ADHD patients showed that no degree of dependence or tolerance appeared to show up over the 5 weeks of the trial. On the contrast, optimum efficiency was noted during the trial’s final week.

Even though this observation is positive, it does not mean that dependence and tolerance are impossible. Users are therefore strongly advised to remember that fasoracetam dosage and mechanism is not yet entirely understood. With this in mind, it can be safer to take it cyclically instead of continuously.

Fasoracetam is broken down by the kidneys, so those with impaired kidney function and the elderly should consult a health care professional before taking the drug.

Nursing and pregnant women should avoid taking fasoracetam, as its mechanisms of action and effects to such users are not fully understood.

Although this drug is a powerful nootropic with a wide variety of effects, more experienced users of nootropic may consider boosting its effects with fasoracetam stack.


Fasoracetam combinations with Noopept and Choline

This fasoracetam stack emphasizes excellent focus. Both Noopept and Fasoracetam require a choline combination in order to achieve an energizing effect. This stack do not only enhance focus but also enhance general awareness and dexterity without the jittery side effects. This is a perfect stack if you want to level up your game for an extended period of time.

For the morning dose you will need to take 10 mg Fasoracetam, 500 mg Alpha GPC Choline, and 10 mg Noopept.

You will also need to take an evening dose of 10 mg Noopept.


Fasoracetam Stack With Coluracetam

This fasoracetam combination has several benefits, with one of the most important being increasing acetylcholine. Fasoracetam has excellent positive effects on GABA-B while Coluracetam enhances mood. The two of them also assist with concentration and neurological disorders. You may take it in two daily dosages of 10 mg Coluracetam and 10 mg Fasoracetam or split the dosages into two.


Buy the Best Nootropics Fasoracetam Powder in 2019


What are the side effects of fasoracetam

If you plan to start trying Fasoracetam powder (110958-19-5) or any other new nootropic, ensure that you closely monitor how your body reacts. This is because there is no much published information about the drug’s side effects.

According to reported data and anecdotal evidence, this drug is one of the safest nootropics available. However, a few users have reported a few fasoracetam side effects including gastrointestinal discomfort, temporary fatigue, low mood. Some also reported that they experienced fasoracetam headache and fasoracetam insomnia.

These mild symptoms are however thought to result from the temporary shortage of choline in the user’s brain. As earlier mentioned, it is highly suggested that you combine fasoracetam with choline supplement like choline bitartrate to avoid encountering such side effects.

If you still encounter the side-effects even as you use the choline supplement, then you need to consider stopping fasoracetam use.

If you would like to learn more about Fasoracetam side effects, the best way to do it is to look for information on social media channels.  Reddit fasoracetam nootropics channel for instance have some fascinating reports and anecdotal information from fasoracetam users.


Where and how to buy fasoracetam online?

Most people do ask, is fasoracetam for sale in U.S. pharmacies? Having in mind that this medication is not fully legal, it cannot be received through prescriptions or bought in local pharmacies. If you want to give this drug a try, you’ll have to order it online.

Be warned that you should ensure that you’re buying from a legit seller before you hit that ‘fasoracetam buy online’ button. Fasoracetam amazon is also a legit fasoracetam nootropics depot because you will be able to buy the drug from a supplier of your choice.

We highly recommend that you hit the ‘fasoracetam buy’ button at as they are a reputable and reliable source of fasoracetam powder.



If you’re searching for a nootropic which can assist you maintain a steady, calm focus, then fasoracetam nootropic is for you. It is also incredibly beneficial to people who experience depression and anxiety. It is also believed to be extremely safe and there is no documented evidence to show that taking this drug may lead to dependence or tolerance. So, why don’t you give it a try?



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