A Comprehensive Overview on Brain Nootropics Supplements Centrophenoxine

What is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine powder (3685-84-5) is a popular nootropic on the market today, and it has proved to be potent in improving cognitive function and memory. This drug exists in different brand names such as Meclofenoxate and Lucidril. Centrophenoxine is among the earliest nootropics to be developed and has been subjected to various studies and tests to determine its ability as well as its effects on the brain. However, when Centrophenoxine was developed in 1959, it was used to treat age-related brain disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Today, the drug is used to enhance cognitive functions and memory as well as improve the overall brain health. Centrophenoxine is made up of two chemicals;

  • Dimethyl-aminoethanol (DMAE),a natural substance which is present in various foods such as seafood and fish) and minimal amounts present in the brain. This chemical is the source of choline and contains brain-stimulating effects.
  • Parachlorphenoxyacetic acid (pCPA), which is a synthetic version of a plant growth hormones known as “auxins.”

DMAE makes the major part of Centrophenoxine. Although DMAE cannot cross the blood-brain barrier properly, when it’s within Centrophenoxine, it goes through the barrier and enters the brain effectively.  Once you take your dose, Centrophenoxine is absorbed in your body, and a portion of the drug breaks down into pCPA and DMAE in the liver.

Later, DMAE is converted into choline as the rest of the drug’s components circulates in your entire body.  However, Centrophenoxine doesn’t deliver all the benefits immediately after taking your dosage. Some of the Centrophenoxine results can be experienced within a very short; it has properties that will keep your brain younger. Studies have indicated that Centrophenoxine, when appropriately used, can reverse brain aging effects.

Apart from enhancing memory and cognitive function, Centrophenoxine is also a popular neuroprotective supplement that improves stimulation according to some medical studies. The drug is also known for being amongst most potent anti-aging compounds that increases lifespan by about 30 to 50%.

All in all, this is a beneficial medicine in the medical field, especially in enhancing cognitive function but it should be taken under a doctor’s prescription for better and maximum results. Centrophenoxine is available on various physical or online stores, but taking the drug without a health professional guidance could expose you to severe side effects.

What is DMAE supplement used for?

Primarily, Centrophenoxine brain effects are majorly performed by Dimethyl-aminoethanol (DMAE).  However, as said earlier pCPA is used to help DMAE to go through the blood-brain barrier.  Therefore, in the composition of Centrophenoxine, DMAE plays a significant role and has the following effects in your brain;

  • Increases Acetylcholine
  • Enhances blood flow and oxygen through the brain
  • Increases the protein level turnover in neurons
  • Decreases lipofuscin
  • Improves glucose uptake
  • Helps in removing free radicals by boosting antioxidant levels.

These are almost all functions performed by this nootropic. That means DMAE is the most vital component in this drug. The DMAE alone might not deliver any results as it cannot break the blood-brain barrier to get into your brain. Its combination with pCPA, therefore, makes Centrophenoxine a reliable and a potent ‘smart drug.’ Centrophenoxine vs DMAE, therefore, should not be an issue as the DMAE is part of the components that make this drug effective in promoting brain health.


A Comprehensive Overview on Brain Nootropics Supplements Centrophenoxine


How does Centrophenoxine work?

Although the studies and Centrophenoxine history is over 50 years long, still there are some debates about how exactly the drug works. However, almost all studies are in agreement about the results this drug provides to the users.

There is enough proof that Centrophenoxine is an acetylcholine precursor, which means that the drug helps in improving the acetylcholine levels in your body, which enhances cognitive performance and ability. No one doubts the Centrophenoxine benefits to your brain. However, the debate is about the pathway the drug uses to deliver the effects. Two theories are used to justify how this nootropic works.

One theory argues that once you take your Centrophenoxine dosage, the drug gets converted into phospholipid, which helps in boosting acetylcholine production in the body system. On the other hand, the second theory states that Centrophenoxine breaks down into choline in your brain and improve acetylcholine.

Leaving alone the debate on which pathway is right, the fact remains that cholinergic activities initiated by this drug are responsible for the all cognitive improvements the users’ experience after taking the proper Centrophenoxine dosage. This nootropic also improves the oxygen intake in your brain to enable better blood flow, which in turn enhances mental energy levels.

Centrophenoxine comes with a smooth transition from blood to the brain, and it acts as an oxidant. Therefore, your brain will be protected from the free radicals and all toxins with adverse effects on your brain are also flashed away. As a result, your brain cells will get proper support which automatically enhancers the organ functioning ability.

What is Centrophenoxine used for, benefits and effects?

As mentioned earlier, Centrophenoxine is used to enhance cognitive function and memory, which are significant brain-aging symptoms. The drug has also proved to be essential in improving overall brain health. Many medical studies have been conducted in various parts of the world to test the ability and how the drug can be used in solving different brain problems.

For instance, just like other nootropics, Centrophenoxine has been used often among the elderly in the treatment of dementia. You are already aware of the primary Centrophenoxine benefits, but which are scientifically proved ones? And what exactly can you expect from this drug? Here are some of the top and proven Centrophenoxine effects;

Improves Brain Memory

Once you take your Centrophenoxine powder, it starts working immediately to enhance the acetylcholinesterase in different parts of your brain. This enzyme boosts acetylcholine synthesis, which improves memory formation.

Centrophenoxine stimulates various cholinergic activities as well as the production of choline together with other phospholipids. That means more acetylcholine will be produced, thus improving communication between neurons. Once the acetylcholine levels have been increased, your memory also improves. The Centrophenoxine effect on acetylcholine makes it a top nootropic for enhancing brain memory.

Centrophenoxine is useful in helping your brain to form long-term memories, retrieving memories of events that happened sometime back as well as storing the information for a long time.  Many medical studies have proven that Centrophenoxine supplement is more effective than the Alpha GPC, which is another well-known brain nootropic and a great source of choline. Centrophenoxine reviews show that it works well in helping the elderly boost their memory as well as solve other brain aging symptoms.

Enhances Cognitive functions

Centrophenoxine is a Dimethyl-aminoethanol (DMAE) prodrug, which is an essential molecule that helps in getting rid of harmful molecule build-up in your brain that can lead to a reduction of cognitive functions. Once the harmful particles have been removed, the older individuals will quickly slow down their aging symptoms as well as reverse other old age side effects.

On top of that, Centrophenoxine gets absorbed into your brain faster than DMAE, which means this drug is more potent in enhancing cognitive functions. Scientific researches that have been conducted so far on this brain nootropic show that the Centrophenoxine can improve one’s cognitive skills and that’s why for many years it has been used to help patients in fighting dementia.

Can improve lifespan

There are many studies conducted on mice to test the power of Centrophenoxine powder (3685-84-5), and all have shown that the drug can enhance mice lifespan as well as provide anti-aging capabilities. One of the studies conducted in the American Anti-aging Academy shows that the mice lifespan was increased from 30 to 50%.

Majority of the brain cell membrane is made up fats which constantly oxidizes as individual ages. That means there are a lot of free radicals that develop within the brain, and the brain cells are unable to remove them entirely as you grow older.

Studies have confirmed that Centrophenoxine has the power to clean all free radicals and lipofuscin that assemble in the brain cells. The drug also prevents cellular waste from pilling up as well as keeping your brain clean.

Increases Brain Energy

The brain energy directly dependents on the amount of glucose and oxygen you take. Centrophenoxine is capable of improving the chemical activities in your brain; it increases the oxygen and glucose absorption, which in turn enhances the brain energy. In other words, glucose and oxygen is the fuel to the brain, and the more it is, the more the energy levels in your brain.

Increased levels of energy in the brain leads to enhanced motivation and the ability to concentrate and stay more focused for a longer time. Therefore, when you have focus problems, you can always trust this nootropic supplement. However, make sure you get the best dose from a health professional.


A Comprehensive Overview on Brain Nootropics Supplements Centrophenoxine



Centrophenoxine supplement (3685-84-5) has also proved to be effective in protecting nerve cells from oxidative damage resulting from stroke or toxin exposure. During a medical study, involving rats with different brain injuries, Centrophenoxine helped in reducing the damages caused by free radicals, cognitive function, and movement. The drug also enhanced the memory deficits resulting from the injuries.

Centrophenoxine increases activities of the major antioxidant enzymes in the brain such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione, which can be attributed to its effects. On the other hand, Centrophenoxine also stimulates glucose and oxygen absorption leading to improved brain energy production.

It may Improve Mood

In a medical test, Centrophenoxine reduced anxiety in mice exposed to stress. Therefore, this study proved that this nootropic could also improve mood in humans — another study which involved 80 healthy subjects, who took a drug-containing DMAE for about three months. Their wellbeing and energy levels increased. Since Centrophenoxine contains DMAE, that means it can help in suppressing anxiety and stress.

How long does it take for Centrophenoxine to work?

Centrophenoxine half-life is about 2-4 hours. That’s why it’s advisable to take it two times per day, mostly during the breakfast and lunchtime for better results. This drug gets absorbed in your brain quickly and therefore, after taking your Centrophenoxine powder dosage, you should start experiencing the effects after about 30 to 60 minutes.

Human bodies are different. Therefore, some users will experience the drug effects within a very short time after taking the dose while others it can take some time before the drug starts working. However, the delay should not go beyond 60 minutes after taking the medication. In case of anything or unusual feeling after taking Centrophenoxine ADHD, inform your doctor for assistance.

How to take Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine dosage depends on the user’s age and the condition under treatment as well as the expected results. Therefore, it’s always essential to go for a medical examination and allow your doctor to set the right dosage for you.

Just like other brain Nootropics on the market, it’s advisable to start with low dosages which can later be adjusted with time after monitoring how your body will react with the first dose. Majority of the Centrophenoxine Alzheimer sellers and scientist recommend a dosage of 250mg two times per day, which is equivalent to 500mg per day.

For those who have been using this Nootropic supplement for a long time, they can take over 1000mg per day because, with time, the body can develop drug resistance. However, a medical examination is vital during the dosage process to monitor the treatment progress. Here your doctor will be able to notice when your body has developed resistance to the drug and adjust your dose upwards to enhance the Centrophenoxine selfhacked benefits.

As much as you can easily buy Centrophenoxine powder from different online platforms, never start taking it without getting the right dosage from a health professional. Although it’s recommended to start with a 250mgs per day, your case might be different and require a lower or higher dosage. The dosage should be increased gradually, depending on your age unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

In terms of Centrophenoxine usage, it’s always a good idea to split the dosages. Even if you are starting with the lowest dosage of 250mg per day, split it into two doses per day. It’s recommended that you take one dose in the morning and the other one in the afternoon.

Taking the Centrophenoxine dosage late in the day can hurt your sleeping patterns. You can also stack Centrophenoxine powder with other supplements to enjoy maximum benefits. However, talk to your doctor to help you in choosing the right Centrophenoxine stack.

Centrophenoxine Nootropics stacking

The Centrophenoxine stacking can deliver quality and quick results when used correctly. However, make sure you take care of the stack dosages. You must take proper supplement rations for you to get the desired results. Surpassing an individual supplement recommended dosage can expose you to severe Centrophenoxine side effects.

In some cases, you will be required to lower some individual supplement dosages for the stack to be effective. It will be better to let your doctor help you in designing the right stacking for your condition. Alternatively, you can look for stacking dosages online. Some of the most common nootropic stacks include Racetams and Noopept.

Typically, stacking Centrophenoxine with Piracetam makes one of the best and potent stacking as they complement each other excellently. Centrophenoxine is a popular and potent cholinergic which serves as a great source of chorine which Piracetam needs. Thus, the headaches associated with taking Piracetam alone will be significantly reduced, giving you the maximum stack benefits.

The headaches are mostly as a result of low choline levels. However, when you combine these two supplements, they work faster, and they are very effective. It’s advisable to start with Centrophenoxine to understand your right dosage then stack it with Piracetam in a ratio of 2: 1.

There are also other supplements that you can stack with this drug and help you attain your goals. They include; Huperzine A, Modafinil, and unique blends. For more information about Centrophenoxine stacking consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

What are the side effects of Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine is among the safest nootropic supplements on the market, and any healthy individual will not experience any serious medical issue when taking it. However, just like any other therapeutic substance, there are some potential side effects that you can experience, though in small percentages. Sometimes many Centrophenoxine reviews don’t find it worth mentioning the minor side effects.

Centrophenoxine is a non-toxic supplement, and the possible side effects are very weak; thus, they might not expose you to severe discomforts or health problems. The most common Centrophenoxine side effects include stomach issues, headaches, irritability, and insomnia.

The good news is that all these adverse effects can be controlled by lowering the dosage and in case the side effects stay for longer or become constant, inform your doctor immediately. Poor stacking can lead to these side effects or even taking it while undertaking other medications.

Sleeping patterns is an issue of poor dosage timing which you can quickly address at home.  The best way to avoid any of the nootropic supplement side effects is to stick to the doctor’s dosage instructions. In case of any severe side effects also contact your medic within the shortest time possible.


A Comprehensive Overview on Brain Nootropics Supplements Centrophenoxine


Buy Centrophenoxine online

The best way to get this “smart drug” is buying it from various online stores which you can easily access via your smartphone, computer, or tablet.  There are many nootropic supplement sellers online but always make sure you do proper research to understand how the vendor operates before making your order.

Never buy Centrophenoxine powder from any seller you come across online. Read the customer reviews on different platforms, to get more information about the vendor. Happy customers will always recommend others while disappointed ones will not shy away from expressing their worst experience.

We are a reputable and experienced Nootropics seller in the region. We have been receiving excellent ratings and positive feedback from our satisfied customers. We always ensure that we make deliveries within the shortest possible across the world. For good deals buy Centrophenoxine online from our user-friendly website and get quality boost memory supplements.

Centrophenoxine is an entirely legal drug, and therefore, you can buy it from anywhere and enjoy the benefits. Centrophenoxine lipofuscin, Centrophenoxine buy Europe, and Centrophenoxine buy, are all available on our online store and we also support different payment methods.

This drug is also available in physical stores, but in many cases, you will only get limited choices. Online will be the best way to buy these cognitive boosting supplements since you are sure of getting Centrophenoxine stack, and unlimited nootropic varieties.


Centrophenoxine is a tried, tested, and proved safe cholinergic drug. When taking this medication either alone or with other nootropic supplements, you will be sure of quality results and minimal to zero side effects. Regardless of your age, it’s essential to enhance your cognitive functions and memory, and this smart drug has proved to be very effective when used correctly. Centrophenoxine WebMD is also an excellent supplement that promotes overall brain health in elderly adults.

In case you are experiencing any of the brain effects highlighted in this article, you should then consider making your Centrophenoxine order from our website. However, upon receiving your order, make sure you visit a medical practitioner to help you in designing the right dosage for your condition.

Centrophenoxine Reddit reviews also show the benefits this drug can offer and how it has helped many users overcome different brain problems like anxiety, stress, and Parkinson’s disease as well as cleaning the brain deposits commonly referred to as lipofuscin. For more information about this excellent nootropic supplement, consult with your doctor.



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