L-theanine Nootropics: Everything You Need To Know About


L-theanine Overview

L-theanine is easy to be found in tea leaves, in both green and black tea. L-theanine is an amino acid, the available form include pill, tablet at many stores, and powder form.

Researchers suspect that L-theanine triggers alpha-wave release which then leads to enhanced relaxation, creativity as well as focus. It does all that without causing sedating effects such as sleepiness and fatigue.

Before buying or trying L-theanine, learn more about the health benefits,possible side effects.


What is L-theanine and Nootropics?

L-theanine is a non-dietary amino acid. L-theanine 3081-61-6 is among the few nootropics, which, if consumed by a person, modulate the brain waves. Just like other nootropicsl-theanine nootropic enhances a human’s cognitive ability. The majority of l-theanine powder Reddit reviews show that most of the users of the drug take it for its relaxation benefit.

Unlike some of the conventional anti-anxiety treatments, the l-theanine supplement doesn’t cause drowsiness because it particularly affects the brain waves that influence relaxation and mood.

Besides humans, a study on l-theanine for dogs has also been conducted and published. The findings consistently show that l-theanine for dogs has a relaxing effect on the animals. However, the effectiveness of the amino-acid on cats is yet to be published.


What does L-theanine do for you?

The array of studies conducted to establish l-theanine powder benefits on humans indicates several ways in which people’s mental and physical health improve as a result of the use of the l-theanine supplement. Here are some of the documented benefits that could make you want to buy l theanine powder:


Anxiety symptom relief

Asian countries lead in the use of L-theanine for anxiety symptom treatment. Researchers believe that the l-theanine anxiety calming effect compensates green tea’s caffeine stimulating effects.

L-theanine anxiety effect occurs as a result of the improvement of the alpha brain wave activity and increased gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that hinders neurons activation in the brain. An elevated GABA level leads to increased dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Consequently, a user feels calm and relaxed.

Normally, when you take an L-theanine nootropic dose of 50mg to 200mg, you’ll feel the calming effect of the supplement within 30 to 40 minutes after taking it. The effect will typically last for 8 hours to 10 hours.

Being an anxiolytic, L-theanine also works to minimize anxiety symptoms. However, unlike some anxiolytics which have sedative effects, L-theanine promotes relaxation and anxiety relief without sedating.

 In a series of randomized controlled trials to determine the l-theanine anxiety relief effectiveness, the researchers found out that the L-theanine reduced anxiety in people who were going through stressful circumstances. The finding support that of a study posted on the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. In the latter, L-theanine was again found to Reduce anxiety symptoms.

Most of the studies done to investigate the subject matter support the claim that L-theanine can be of great help for people suffering from schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder due to its anxiety relief capability.


2019 L-theanine Nootropics Everything You Need To Know About


Better focus

A combination of, L-theanine and caffeine has been found to be quite helpful for people with focus issues. L theanine caffeine nootropic may help you to have improved focus and attention.

In a study conducted in 2013 involving young adults, researchers found that at moderate levels, L-theanine and caffeine helped the people used in the study to focus better while performing challenging tasks. Besides, the participants of the study experienced a sense of improved alertness and felt less tired. The effects usually manifest within about 30 minutes after taking l theanine powder in coffee, with 97 mg of L-theanine and 40 mg of caffeine.


Stress relief 

When stressed up, the production levels of some hormones such as cortisol and corticosterone increase. The increased hormone levels interfere with some normal activities in the brain, such as spatial learning and development of memory. So, what L-theanine does to prevent such interference is to reduce the levels of corticosterone, which is a stress hormone.


Better immunity

L-theanine foods and supplements have also been found to have the capability to support the body’s ability to fight illnesses. In other words, L-theanine supplement can boost the performance of the immune system in your body. Research shows that regular consumption of L-theanine makes one less susceptible to illnesses such as common colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections.

The findings from another research study also suggest that L-theanine can reduce inflammation in a human’s intestinal tract. Nevertheless, further research is required to really confirm the findings and expound on them.


Cancer prevention and treatment2019 L-theanine Nootropics Everything You Need To Know About

L-theanine nootropic is a potential aid in the treatment for cancer and tumors. According to a 2011 study, L-theanine collaborates with some chemotherapy medicines to improve the effectiveness of the latter in the fight against cancer.

That’s why a study conducted in China, women with ovarian cancer and had a habit of taking green tea on a daily basis had a longer lifespan than those who did not take the tea.

Besides supporting chemotherapy drugs, L-theanine is also believed to prevent cancer. According to various studies, people who consume tea regularly are less likely to get cancer as compared to those who don’t. The drinkers are 37 % less likely to develop cancer of the pancreas. The reduced cancer risk is attributed to the L-theanine in tea.


Blood pressure control

In case you blood pressure shoots to unhealthy levels when you are in a stressful situationl-theanine pure nootropics or a l theanine nootropic stack could be of great help to you.

In a study conducted in 2012, researchers established that L-theanine helps in blood pressure regulation, helping people with high blood pressure maintain the healthy pressure level. Although caffeine was found to assist in that as well, the researchers noted that it was less effective than L-theanine.


Better sleep quality

In case you are struggling to have a good sleep, consider taking l theanine for sleep improvement. Numerous studies show that L-theanine can not only help you get ample relaxation your body needs to slip into sleep but also to sleep easily and more deeply.

In 2011, another team of researchers conducted another study to investigate l-theanine sleep improvement ability. The researchers noted that the participants of the study who took an L-theanine dosage of 450 to 900 mg for the trial period (8weeks) experienced more satisfactory sleep as compared to those who didn’t take the Amino acid.

All the participants were suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and taking antidepressant medication to relieve the related symptoms. So, in conclusion, the research indicates that people with the anxiety disorder might finally regain their normal good night’s sleep as a result of the l-theanine sleep improvement capability.

According to one study conducted in 2018, the amino acid also deemed helpful for boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in terms of better sleep. 98 boys with the disorder and within the age of 8 to 12 years were used as a sample for the research. Some of them were given two L-theanine tablets every day during the trial period (six weeks), while the rest took placebo pills.


2019 L-theanine Nootropics Everything You Need To Know About


After the trial period, the boys who were on L-theanine powder (3081-61-6) tablets experienced longer and more restful sleep as compared to those who took placebo pills. This indicates the safety of l-theanine for kids and its effectiveness in improving sleep quality.

Another research suggests the sleep quality improvement potential of l-theanine for kids and adults with schizophrenia.

L-theanine sleep quality improvement comes in different ways. First, the amino acid makes a person to relax better and become less stressed. With relaxation boost and reduced stress, you are more likely to fall asleep more easily and quickly. By reducing anxiety and boosting relaxation, l theanine for sleep also helps you to go through the entire normal sleep cycle, including the much needed deep REM phase for ultimate mind and body refreshment.


Sinusitis relief

In case you are diagnosed with sinusitisl-theanine foods or organic l theanine powder could be helpful for you to experience less severe symptoms. Research shows that L-theanine can improve the movement of cilia in your nose. In case you don’t know, cilia are the strands in your nose that resemble hair.

The ‘hair’ helps in mucus clearance. Unfortunately, cilia can be infected, and in such a case, the stale mucus that the hair-like strands normally removes from the nose offers a conducive environment for bacterial multiplication which could lead to sinusitis.

When a person with sinusitis takes l theanine high foods or l-theanine supplement, the amino acid activates the cilia, consequently making the nasal mucus to become thinner. This promotes sinusitis relief and healing.


Improved learning

From bulks of assignments and/or books to read, learners are highly prone to stress. When stressed up, the corticosterone hormone levels increase and as a result, the brain isn’t able to perform as expected. Consequently, one becomes inefficient in learning.

Fortunately, with regular consumption of L theanine, you might be able to maintain your learning potential despite facing stressful situations. In case the capability is compromised, l theanine and caffeine or l theanine alone can give you a significant learning ability boost.

By lowering corticosterone hormone levels, L-theanine protects your cognitive skills from possible interferences that could result from high levels of the stress hormone.

According to various studies on L-theanine, it can make a person have an increased attention span and reaction time, both of which are very important in learning. This is particularly evident in people who are highly likely to experience anxiety regularly. Besides, it may be helpful for accuracy improvement. A certain study indicated that people who had taken L-theanine made fewer errors in an attention test as compared to those who hadn’t.

Besides, several studies suggest that besides improving the attention span, a combination of l theanine and caffeine can also enhance one’s ability to process visual information. Also, the combo might make you more accurate when switching tasks.


Maintenance of healthy weight

Through its anti-anxiety and sleep-promoting properties, L-theanine can help you to stick to a healthy diet and sleep enough. The two benefits will then help you to maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that L-theanine can be helpful in the prevention of fat accumulation and unhealthy weight gain. As a result, you’ll be able to stay away from weight-gain issues such as obesity.


How does L-theanine work?

L-theanine helps a person to relax, fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deep sleep by contributing to various brain changes including:


Increasing GABA, serotonin and dopamine levels2019 L-theanine Nootropics Everything You Need To Know About

Your mood, concentration, sleep pattern, appetite and alertness are majorly influenced by various transmitters including GABA, serotonin and dopamine as well as brain-inhibiting hormones such as cortisol and corticosterone. When you are stressed up, the levels of cortisol and corticosterone becomes higher, resulting to reduced brain effectiveness.

To counteract the effect, GABA, serotonin and dopamine work to reduce the levels of excitatory” brain chemicals (cortisol and corticosterone, and ultimately promote relaxation which makes one to fall asleep without a struggle.

L-theanine improves the cortisol and corticosterone regulation by boosting calming brain chemicals such as GABA. When the calming brain chemical level increases, a person feels even more relaxed and is able to sleep. 

Hormones such as cortisol and corticosterone increase. The increased hormone levels interfere with some normal activities in the brain such as spatial learning and development of memory. So, what L-theanine does to prevent such interference is to reduce the levels of corticosterone, which is a stress hormone.


Enhancing alpha brain waves

Alpha brain waves are responsible for the “wakeful relaxation”, the state of mind that a person experiences when being creative, during meditation or REM sleep and when allowing the mind to wander while day dreaming.

Researchers suspect that L-theanine triggers alpha-wave release which then leads to enhanced relaxation, creativity as well as focus. It does all that without causing sedating effects such as sleepiness and fatigue.


How much L-theanine should I take?

Considering that L-theanine 3081-61-6 is not a drug, it doesn’t have official instructions showing the exact amount of it that a person must take. Besides, there’s no conclusive research to establish the right l theanine Nootropic dosage.

So far there has not been even a single incidence of L-theanine overdose effects, notwithstanding that people take the amino acid, as l-theanine pure nootropics, in tea or as a mushroom in different quantities.

However, it’s advisable for users to follow the guidelines governing the consumption of caffeine when drinking L-theanine-rich tea. On the other hand, in case you intend to take l-theanine supplement, it important to seek advice from your doctor regarding the right l theanine nootropic dosage for you.

However, in as much as l-theanine side effects are usually mild and rare, studies recommend various doses for different people. Those who are just starting out to use l-theanine nootropic should start with the smallest recommended l-theanine powder dosage and increase the quantity gradually until the desired effects are achieved.

Numerous scientific studies recommend a 100 mg to 400 mg l theanine nootropic dosage per day in 8 weeks for people who want to have improved sleep quality or stress/anxiety relief.

When it comes to l theanine caffeine nootropic, combining 12-100 mg of L-theanine with 30-100 mg of caffeine and taking the combination for up to 5 months might be the ideal dosage.


 Does L-theanine really work?

Yes, L-theanine indeed works. All the studies we’ve mentioned here about the effectiveness of the amino acid in various brain functions are a clear indication that the amino acid works.


How long does L-theanine take to work?

You’ll take about 30 to 40 minutes to feel l-theanine effects once you ingest 50mg to 200mg of it. The effects normally last for eight to ten hours.


Is it risky to take L-theanine?

According to FDA, L-theanine supplement is “generally recognized as safe.” That’s means that FDA recognizes it as a supplement for human consumption if it’s used as per its packaging directions.

Nevertheless, breastfeeding or pregnant mothers, people with blood pressure and children are advised to seek go-ahead from their doctors before starting to take l-theanine supplement:


L-theanine side effects

It’s important to note that l theanine tolerance is zero. However, despite all the l-theanine powder benefits and the fact that it is safe for most people, there are still a few but rare l-theanine side effects which include:

  • Low blood pressure as a result l-theanine interactions with high blood pressure medications
  • Headache
  • Sleepiness
  • Stomach upset
  • Loose stool
  • Vomiting

Talk to your healthcare service provider in case you have any of the above symptoms.


Buy L-theanine

Whether you want to buy l-theanine powder bulk or l theanine best nootropic for your own consumptions, there are lots of places from where you can buy l-theanine pure nootropics. However, not every seller you see advertising bulk supplements pure l-theanine powder is honest. Some thrive in lies and in worst scenarios, you might end up losing your hard-earned money.

As such, if you’ve decided to L-theanine powder (3081-61-6) buy online (which can the more efficient and quicker way than buying offline), ensure that the prospect source is trustworthy. You can read l-theanine reviews from other users of the platform to get a clue of the quality of products and the level of customer service that a seller offers.

Having said that, we recommend as the most reliable and pocket-friendly source of l-theanine, in case you want to buy l-theanine.



From improved quality of sleep to neuroprotection and better relaxation, L-theanine boosts the functionality of your body in various ways. However, some side effects such as headache and vomiting can occur, especially when L-theanine reacts to high blood pressure drugs. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are likely to experience some mild side effects due to the use of L-theanine.

Otherwise, it’s a safe supplement but it’s important to stick to the research-recommended L theanine dosage.



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