A Comprehensive Overview on Smart Drug Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) Powder


1. What is Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940)?

Have you felt like you have low moods and lack the energy to undertake any activity? Sometimes you may feel like everything is becoming a drag. Even just doing the simplest of the tasks becomes a struggle. Not that you have now become lazy, but the motivation to even get up from the coach isn’t just there. Luckily, there is a solution for that.

The era of using smart drugs is here with Flmodafinil being one of the newest. It is a double-fluoro Modafinil derivative that enhances wakefulness, motivation, and memory. Its scientific name is CRL-40, 940 and CAS number 90280-13-0.

2. How does Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) work?

Taking Flmodafinil is known to create wonders. Not only does it improve one’s cognitive ability, but it enhances productivity too. Here is a breakdown of the Flmodafinil mechanism of action;

  • Histamine

One of the Flmodafinil effects is that it increases the histamine in the body. As a result, one can stay awake for an extended period.

  • Orexin

Lack of enough orexin could lead to narcolepsy. Flmodafinil, therefore, works to bring it to higher level hence boosting focus and alertness.

  • Dopamine

Flmodafinil works by inhibiting the breakdown of dopamine hence reducing stress and improving on one’s mood.

  • Glutamate

The use of glutamate in the brain is to improve focus, memory, and the entire cognitive functioning. Flmodafinil, therefore, allows the neurotransmitters to send a signal leading to the release of the required amount of glutamate. When the glutamate levels are as needed, there is an improvement in the cognitive function productivity and effectiveness.

  • Norepinephrine

The Flmodafinil effects go all the way to the norepinephrine system in the brain. It makes the human mind stay alert and awake.


A Comprehensive Overview on Smart Drug Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) Powder


3. Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) recommend dosage and Stack

You may be wondering how to take Flmodafinil nootropic. The good news is that you do not need to have the painful jabs administered to you. Flmodafinil is usually taken orally either as a capsule or a tablet. You could also dissolve the Flmodafinil powder in water and take it without any diminished effect.

If it is your first time taking Flmodafinil nootropic, then you should take half of the recommended dosage. You can then gradually increase the dosage once you are sure that your body interacts well with the nootropic. 100mg daily, divided twice in a day, is the recommended dosage for Flmodafinil. Never take more than 200mg because it could lead to unwanted side effects.

If not sure how to take Flmodafinil together with other nootropic supplements, then you ought to take all in small dosages. That way, you can reap more cognitive benefits without suffering from adverse effects. You could stack it with choline, L-Theanine or Phenibut.

4. Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940)Benefits

Just like other nootropics, Flmodafinil comes with several benefits. Through its use, you can gain a competitive advantage. Here are some of the Flmodafinil benefits that it offers;

  • Treatment of minor depression

When one experiences hard situations in life, they may develop depression. It is the feeling of sadness or hopelessness, which could lead to something hazardous if not treated early enough. Flmodafinil has proven to be useful in the treatment of minor depression since it helps restore regular mood.

  • Helps in the treatment of ADHD and other attention-related illnesses

Those who have ADHD and related conditions can get some relief from Flmodafinil use. That is because one of the Flmodafinil benefits is that it dramatically improves concentration in people suffering from such conditions.

  • It is neuroprotective

Flmodafinil protects the brain from both chemical and physical damage.

  • Improves the brain’s problem-solving ability

Solving problems could sometimes need a lot of reasoning and comprehension. At times, they could even drive you a little crazy. The advantage that comes with using Flmodafinil is that it assists you to solve problems more efficiently as well as improve your decision-making skills.

  • Enhance wakefulness

Flmodafinil has shown to improve alertness in healthy individuals who need to stay more awake. It is also helpful in people who might want to manage their sleeping disorders. It assists in regulating one’s sleep rhythm that is essential in one’s overall health.

  • Improves motivation and focus

With so much taking place around us, you might find yourself losing the focus and motivation you need to carry on. That could make you not achieve the goals you have put in place. Flmodafinil has proven to provide one with strong motivation and focus even on the task at hand. With its use, you can give your everyday activities the concentration they deserve.

  • Better mental performance

Brain fog is one of the challenges you are likely to face at any time of the day. It could strike even at times when you feel like you need more mental clarity. As much as you may perhaps feel like you cannot have control over it, there is a solution.

Flmodafinil could help clear your mind while writing an exam, during an interview, while attending a meeting and during any situation that needs mental focus.

  • Improved learning and remembrance abilities

Have you felt like your memory is getting worse with time? You might find yourself forgetting even the obvious stuff like grocery lists, people’s names, and even something you studied a short while ago.

Flmodafinil can improve your mental capability to learn fast and remember something you learned or experienced. Consequently, you can recall things like names, figures, and dates as well as other finer details that may be of importance.


A Comprehensive Overview on Smart Drug Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) Powder


5. Flmodafinil Neurological effects

Crl-40 940 was in the past used in the treatment of brain disorders like ADHD, dysfunctional thinking as well as perception and behavior. It does this by balancing orexin, which is a type of hypothalamic neuropeptide that helps in regulating attention.

Research done on Flmodafinil shows that it can influence certain neurotransmitters. That includes glutamate, histamine, and hypocretin as well as dopamine. Once Flmodafinil stimulates the brain, creative thinking is made possible. The thinking process also gets improved significantly. The brain hemispheres can coordinate better, which leads to greater focus, improved memory as well as better reasoning abilities.

6. Flmodafinil vs. modafinil: what are the differences between them

When it comes to Flmodafinil vs. Modafinil, you will notice that they share many similarities. Both of them were developed by the original creators of Modafinil, which is known as Laboratorie Lafon. Although they appear to be the same thing, some things set them apart.

Flmodafinil’s structural formula is quite different from that of Modafinil since it has two fluorine groups attached to it. No wonder Flmodafinil is better known as bisfluoromodafinil. Consequently, the attachment of two fluoro groups on Flmodafinil increases its bioavailability. The CRL-40,940 CAS number is 90280-13-0 while that of Modafinil is 68693-11-8.

You do not need a high Flmodafinil dosage to expect results. The typical dosage lies between 50-100mg. The reason why Flmodafinil seems to be effective at low dosages is due to its higher bioavailability as compared to that of Modafinil whose dosage ranges from 100-200mg daily.

All drugs have side effects, but those of Flmodafinil seems to be lower compared to those of Modafinil. That is the reason why many people praise the Flmodafinil nootropics as they will rarely make you suffer from adverse reactions.

One more attractive feature that makes Flmodafinil stand out is its effectiveness. That is due to the short Flmodafinil half-life that makes it kick in less than thirty minutes and peak between three to six hours. The Modafinil half-life ranges from twelve to fifteen hours.


A Comprehensive Overview on Smart Drug Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) Powder


7. Is Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) legal to purchase?

Due to the insufficient research done so far, Flmodafinil still falls under the class of drugs that are not for human consumption. In some countries, there are no limitations for its sale while in some; it is only sold for research purposes. For instance, the purchase of Flmodafinil powder in the USA and Canada is unregulated while in Europe, you must be having a prescription.

If you want to buy Flmodafinil, you could purchase it online to avoid the hustle. Buying Flmodafinil online from reputable vendors guarantee you an affordable Flmodafinil price as well as a range of generic forms you could choose from.

8. Flmodafinil (CRL-40, 940) Reviews

Best for memory

Anita David says, “My mother is almost ninety now and was beginning to lose her memory. Three months ago, she couldn’t even recognize me. She kept misplacing items, and it was very frustrating watching her bring everything down to search for her wallet. I sought for a reliable Flmodafinil source and ordered it on this site. It has been a month, and her memory has improved significantly.”

It made me pass my final exams

Gabriel F says, “I have had a hard time revising for my final exams until I decided to buy Flmodafinil. I used it a couple of weeks to the main exam, and when the exam came, I could feel the effect. Not only did I experience an improved sense of clarity and focus, but I also noticed that I could remember almost everything I had read.  Yesterday I just got my results, and I passed. I am glad I made the right decision.”



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