Dihexa (PNB-0408) powder (1401708-83-5)

Dihexa (PNB-0408) powder is an Oligopeptide drug, probably even a hexanediol. An Oligopeptide sometime referred to as just a peptide, is a drug that contains dozens of amino acids. Typically, an Oligopeptide may conation anywhere between two to twenty amino acids. Dihexa may also be referred to as PNB – 0408. This was the code name used during the early stages of its development. Dihexa is designed to bind to HGF. Current research has shown that Dihexa may be used to significantly help with cognitive function. Tests done on animal models with Alzheimer’s-like mental impairments showed a lot of promise in using Dihexa as a possible treatment. Besides, the use of Dihexa is not harmful in any way. Most patients who participated in tests did not report any toxicity. Dihexa is largely considered a potent Nootropic drug. It was developed by researchers at Washington State University. At first, the drug was seen as a possible treatment option for trauma-based brain disorders. However, it has found additional applications in improving certain cognitive functions as well including neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

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Dihexa(PNB-0408) powder Base Information

Name Dihexa/PNB-0408 powder
CAS 1401708-83-5
Purity 98%
Chemical name 6-[(2S,3S)-2-[(2S)-2-hexanamido-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanamido]-3-methylpentanamido]hexanamide
Synonyms PNB-0408; PNB 0408; PNB0408; Dihexa; N-hexanoic-Tyr-Ile-(6) aminohexanoic amide; N-(1-Oxohexyl)-L-tyrosyl-N-(6-amino-6-oxohexyl)-L-isoleucinamide
Molecular Formula C27H44N4O5
Molecular Weight  504.672
Melting Point >209°C (dec.)
Form Solid powder
Appearance White to Off-White Solid
Half Life Unknow
Solubility DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
Storage Condition Hygroscopic, Refrigerator, under inert atmosphere
Application N-Hexanoic-Try-Ile-(6)-amino Hexanoic amide (Dihexa) is an angiotensin IV analog as a procognitive/antidementia agent.
Testing Document Available


What is Dihexa powder?

As we have already noted above in the overview, Dihexa (PNB-0408) powder is an Oligopeptide drug that contains six amino acids. The drug was developed at the Washington State University and it is derived directly from angiotensin IV. Although the human body has its mechanism of generating Oligopeptide, sometimes the amount produced is not enough.

Supplementation is therefore very important and Dihexa powder, manufactured and sold online, can help. Dihexa is also a very powerful Nootropic drug. It is marketed as a possible treatment for various cognitive impairments. It can help improve memory and enhance overall brain function for both younger and older people. Several researchers have in particular pointed out to the growing potential of Dihexa as a powerful treatment for neurodegenerative brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.

What sets Dihexa apart is its potency. In one essay describing the Nootropic activity in the human brain, researchers found that Dihexa could be a million times more potent than Brain-Derived Nootropic Factor or BDNF. To put it simply, if you are going to use Dihexa then you need to be ready for quick and powerful effects.


How Does Dihexa powder Work?

Dihexa is a Oligopeptide drug that acts as a blood-brain angiotensin IV analog. There isn’t a lot of detailed information out there about the mechanism of action of Dihexa. But we do know that the drug binds to the Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) with very high affinity. HGF is one of the most important growth factors in the body. It is responsible for regulating cell growth, cell regeneration, and motility in all parts of the human body including the brain.

This is probably one of the reasons why Dihexa is seen as a possible trigger for helping in brain regeneration. Some recent research shows that Dihexa exhibits very good anti-dementia activity. The drug will also help to improve cognitive functions as well. Nonetheless, most of these studies have been done on animal models. Additionally, it is also possible for Dihexa to induce hippocampal spinogenesis. All these processes are crucial in healthy brain development. The Dihexa half-life is however not clear right now but you can get more info from your doctor.


Dihexa powder Benefits and Uses

Dihexa dihexagonal dipyramidal is a relatively new drug and while there is some research about it out there, there is still a lot of information we don’t know. Although many Dihexa uses exist, the drug was developed to help treat dementia. In essence, the drug is promoted as a powerful Nootropic supplement for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

However, Dihexa is different from some of the common Alzheimer’s drugs in the market. While most of these drugs simply prevent the disease from getting worse, Dihexa may reverse the damage caused. There are also other important benefits to look forward too with Dihexa.

Here they are:

  • Can help with neurodegenerative brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s
  • It can be used to promote creative thinking and enhance conversational and intuition skills. So, consider Dihexa buy today.
  • The drug may also help to improve focus learning among patients as well
  • Dihexazina may help with Improvement of mental energy and stamina
  • Dihexa dopamine may be used to improve problem-solving skills, especially among young patients with attention-related problems.
  • The Dihexa peptide may also be used to manage depression. It can also help to alleviate anxiety too.
  • Some studies also suggest that Dihexa may improve heart health. We’ve also seen others claim that the drug could improve overall hair health too.

Despite these amazing benefits, it is important to note that not all claims have been proven in extensive clinical research. Some are just based on the theoretical understanding of how Dihexa works and the reviews of previous users. But there is one thing we are sure about. Dihexa will work very well as a cognitive enhancing supplement.


How to Use Dihexa powder?

If you are not sure about Dihexa how to use, we may help. Dihexa is a Nootropic supplement. This simply means that it is ingested through the mouth and absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal system. There is however very little information about dosage. However, since this is a potent Nootropic, perhaps it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor and see if they can recommend an ideal dose for you.

Do not use Dihexa high or any other Nootropic if you are taking other medications. Dihexa should also not be used by pregnant women or people with chronic diseases unless they have been advised to do so by a professional medical practitioner.


Dihexa (PNB-0408) powder Announcements

Since it began its development, Dihexa has been able to make several major milestones, a few years ago, for example, the drug showed a lot of promise in treating Alzheimer’s after helping to rebuild new brain cells among patients. This was significant for one reason. You see many dementia drugs out there simply help to stop or slow down the degenerative process that causes the ailment. By regenerating new cell connections in the brain, Dihexa showed that the drug could help reverse the effects of dementia. Dihexa 2019 has also been described as a neuro-hacking product in major publications due to its potent Nootropic effect.


Dihexa (PNB-0408) for Sale

In case you feel that Dihexa could benefit you a lot, then you can purchase it online. There are several vendors out there offering the product. Dihexa is sold in different amounts. Whether you are looking for a simple 2 mg dose or a full 500 mg dose, you will find sellers willing to offer exactly what you are looking for. But before you buy the supplement from anyone, make sure they are carrying a genuine product.

So many Nootropics exist in the market right now. But you can only benefit from them if you buy a genuine product. Trusted sellers with a proven track record of offering quality products should be top in your list. Check out the reviews of other users on sites like Reddit and get some recommendations from your doctor on where to buy. It may also be a good idea to spend a little extra money on quality. Even though we do not encourage you to pay a fortune for Dihexa, if you want a reliable quality supplement, it won’t come that cheap either.


Dihexa (PNB-0408) Reference

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