Unifiram (DM232) powder (272786-64-8)

Unifiram powder (developmental code name DM-232) is an experimental drug. that has antiamnesic and other effects in animal studies with far greater potency than piracetam. Unifiram is an ampakine-like drug derived from biarylpropylsulfonamide, and has antiamnesic and other effects in animal studies with up to a thousand times higher potency than piracetam. Unifiram has anti-hypnotic properties as well, it has been shown to reduce the duration of hypnotic properties of the powerful barbiturate phenobarbitol without any major motor skill impairment.

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Unifiram (DM232) powder Base Information

Name Unifiram/DM232 powder
CAS 272786-64-8
Purity 98%
Chemical name 1-(4-Benzoylpiperazin-1-yl)propan-1-one
Synonyms Sunifiram; DM-235; DM 235; DM235;
Molecular Formula C14H18N2O2
Molecular Weight 246.31
Melting Point 57-58 ℃
Form Solid powder
Appearance White or off-white powder
Half Life Unknow
Solubility Soluble to 5 mM in Ethanol, Sparingly soluble in Water.
Storage Condition Store at room temperature or cooler, in a sealed airtight container, protected from heat, light and humidity.
Application DM232 (unifiram) is a AMPAkine-like nootropic three orders of magnitude more potent than piracetam in animal studies.
Testing Document Available


Unifiram (DM232) General Description

Unifiram is a relatively new nootropic drug that just might be one of the most powerful brain supplements ever invented.

According to an article in Drug Development Research, this compound boasts a potency approximately 1,000 times greater than currently available nootropics like Piracetam and Aniracetam.

Studies have shown that Unifiram has a highly positive effect on memory andcognitive activity similar to those exhibited by the more popular Racetams.

Unifiram is closely related to Sunifiram and performs at a similar brain boosting level for the same dosage size. Due to the limited availability of Unifiram, most people will take Sunifiram as a suitable replacement for this more expensive compound.


Unifiram (DM232) powder History

Unifiram (CAS# 272786-64-8) is a substance that was reported in year 2000 to have similar properties to piracetam but more potent in a mouse passive avoidance test. Unifiram (developmental code name DM-232) is an experimental drug. that has antiamnesic and other effects in animal studies with far greater potency than piracetam. A number of related compounds are known, such as sunifiram (DM-235) and sapunifiram (MN-19).[4][5][6] Unifiram has two enantiomers, with the dextro form being the more active isomer. It has been shown to reduce the duration of hypnosis induced by pentobarbital, without impairing motor coordination. As of 2015, no formal human studies with unifiram have been conducted.

In 2006, researchers studied the pharmacological characterization of both Sunifiram and Unifiram, finding that both compounds were an order of four magnitudes more potent than Pircatem. Unifiram, they found, is able to prevent amnesia through the modulation of several neurotransmitter systems.


Unifiram (DM232) Mechanism Of Action

Unifiram is a positive allosteric modulator of your AMPA receptors. As an Ampakine, Unifiram effects glutamate uptake in the brain causing better synaptic transmission between neurons.

Unifiram also stimulates acetylcholine production making its mechanism of action very similar to Noopept, Pramiraceta, Oxiracetam and other racetam nootropics.

There has been less research into Unifiram than its counterpart Sunifiram, but these two chemicals are closely related and believed to work in almost identical ways.

Results of studies on the AMPA-receptor activation involved in the antiamnesic effect of Unifiram suggest, that Unifiram acts as a cognition enhancer through the activation of the AMPA-mediated neurotransmission system. This compound, although not showing affinity in binding studies for the most important central receptors or channels, are able to prevent amnesia induced by modulation of several neurotransmission systems and is able to increase the release of acetylcholine from cerebral cortex, at least in studies on rats.


Unifiram (DM232) Application

DM232 (unifiram) is a AMPAkine-like nootropic three orders of magnitude   more potent than piracetam in animal studies.

In research, it has been observed that unifiram has the following main advantages; anti-sedative and anti-hypnotic effects, anti-amnesia and acetylcholine agonism. In one study, it was found that unifiram could reduce effects of barbiturates which are hypnosis and sedation. Since acetylcholine is strongly correlated to improved memory and learning, unifiram can, therefore, be useful in brain development.


Unifiram (DM232) More Research

Unifiram is a drug in the racetam family. Its structure is like ampakine, and it is closely related to Sunifiram. Unifiram is one of the most potent brain supplements. Evidence has shown that it is a thousand times stronger than aniracetam. Clinical experiments over the years have shown that unifiram can boost memory and improve cognitive abilities like other nootropics that are racetam. Studies have shown that unifiram is a positive allosteric AMPA receptor modulator.

It acts to reduce effects of antagonists of NMDA, muscarinic and AMPA. AMPA and NMDA antagonist copy the functioning of glutamate, and for that reason, they are directly associated with memory and learning in the brain. It is also able to control glutamate uptake in the brain hence improving the neuronal synaptic transmission. Like piracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam and noopept, it stimulates acetylcholine production.


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