Sesamol powder 533-31-3

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What are the benefits of sesamol powder

1. Improve the lipid effect
2. Normal the blood pressure
3. Loss weight
4. Increasing ketone production
5. Anti-inflammatory
6. Used as the treatment of bronchitis
7. treatment of bronchitis
7. Inhibit the influenza virus, Sendai virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sesamol (533-31-3) video


Sesamol Base Information

Name Sesamol
CAS 533-31-3
Purity 98%
Chemical name Sesamol
Synonyms sesamol,3,4-methylenedioxy phenol,5-hydroxy-1,3-benzodioxole,3,4-methylenedioxyphenol,2h-1,3-benzodioxol-5-ol,3,4-methylendioxyphenol,methylene ether of oxyhydroquinone,phenol, 3,4-methylenedioxy,5-benzodioxolol,unii-94iea0nv89
Molecular Formula C7H6O3
Molecular Weight 138.12
Melting Point 62-65 °C(lit.)
Form crystalline
Appearance white to off-white crystalline powder
Half Life 10.9 ± 0.06 hours
Solubility CH2CL2: 25mg/ml
Storage Condition Darkens on storage particularly when stored in the light and at elevated temperatures
Application Sesamol is a natural component of sesame oil with antioxidant activity. Sesamol has potential protective effects against free radicals as well as some antifungal activity. Sesamol can also be used as an intermediate in the preparation of antidepressants such as Paroxetine (P205750).
Testing Document Available


Sesamol powder General Description

Sesamol is found in sesame seeds and sesame oil. Sesamol powder a well-known antioxidant. It has antioxidant, chemoprevention, antimutagenic, and antihepatotoxic activities and can induce the apoptosis of cancer and cardiovascular cells. It can be used in the synthesis of paroxetine.
Sesamol powder 533-31-3 is present in sesame seeds, sesame oil and sesame meal, and can be continuously decomposed by sesalin and other substances during thermal processing. Sesamol powder has a very strong antioxidant capacity and is often used as an antioxidant in food and medicine. It is also an important starting material for the synthesis of antihypertensive drugs and cardiovascular drugs. Besides, sesamol powder is also a raw material for pesticide piperonyl butyl ether.
And sesamol possesses a number of pharmacological properties which include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. Sesamol pretreatment offers radioprotection and prevents radiation induced chromosomal aberrations in human blood lymphocytes.


Sesamol Mechanism Of Action

Sesamol contains chemicals that help to reduce swelling and increase how quickly skin wounds heal. These chemicals might slow how fast sugar is absorbed from food. This might help people with diabetes. Sesame might also eliminate bacteria that cause plaque. Sesame contains calcium, which might help treat rickets.


Sesamol powder(533-31-3) Main Function

1.Sesamol has effect on improving the lipid profile;
2.Sesamol has function of normalizing the blood pressure;
3.Sesamol can be used for loss weight;
4.Sesamol can increase ketone production;
5.Sesamol also has function of anti-inflammatory. Sesamin powder has effect on antiviral, fungicides, antioxidants, insecticide synergist.
6.Sesamol can also be used to the treatment of bronchitis.
7.Sesamol has the function of inhibition the influenza virus, Sendai virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Sesamol powder More research

Sesamin powder inhibits the conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid, and consequently decreases the formation of proinflammatory 2-series prostaglandins.Sesamin can decrease cholesterol levels, while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL aka “good cholesterol”) levels,sesamin can be an anti-inflammatory skin problem: sesamin can inhibit the growth of SC (skin cancer) cell. It can protect skin from UV rays.


Where to Buy Sesamol powder Bulk Powder

Wisepowder offers sesamol bulk powder in 40g package, and offers wholesale different quantity according to your need. Wisepowder’s sesamol powder has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.


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