Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder 78574-94-4

Cycloastragenol powder is a molecule isolated from various species in the genus Astragalus that is purported to have telomerase activation activity. A single in vitro study done in 2009 led to claims that cycloastragenol may activate telomerase, leading to controversial claims for its role in reducing the effects of aging.

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Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder Base Information

Name Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder
CAS 78574-94-4
Purity 50%,98%
Synonyms Cyclosieversigenin; Cyclosiversigenin; Astramembrangenin; (3β,6α,16β,20R,24S)-20,24-Epoxy-9,19-cyclolanostane-3,6,16,25-tetrol;
Molecular Formula C30H50O5
Molecular Weight 490.72
Melting Point 241-245°C
Form Solid
Appearance White powder
Half Life /
Solubility Soluble In Methanol, Ethanol
Storage Condition 4℃ Refrigerated, sealed, dark
Application Cycloastragenol is a potent telomerase activator. Also, it is potentially linked to anti-ageing in traditional chinese medicine.
Testing Document Available


Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder General Description

Cycloastragenol powder has a similar chemical structure to that of the Astragaloside IV molecule, but it is smaller and significantly more bioavailable, enabling lower doses to be taken. It is already used as an immunostimulant because of its ability to increase T lymphocyte proliferation. However, it is its exceptional anti-aging properties that are of increasing interest to the scientific community.

Cycloastragenol powder stimulates the repair of DNA damage by activating telomerase, a nucleoprotein enzyme which catalyses synthesis and growth of telomeric DNA. Telomeres are made of thin filaments and are found at the tips of chromosomes. Maintaining their stability enables cells to avoid replicative senescence and indefinite proliferation beyond the ‘Hayflick limit’. Telomeres shorten with each cycle of cell division, or when subjected to oxidative stress. Until now, this has been an unavoidable mechanism of aging.


Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder (78574-94-4) History

Cycloastragenol powder was first marketed in dietary supplements in the USA in 2007 under the name of TA-65, this is why TA 65 or TA65 is still the most common name for cycloastragenol. CAS   84605-18-5 and CAS 78574-94-4 are the regular identity for professional raw material buyers and researchers.

Cycloastragenol is a triterpene aglycone of the 9,19-cyclolanostane-type derived and purified from the root of Astragalus membranaceus plant, which has been used in Traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia for more than two thousand years, particularly for its ability to slow down age-related degenerative processes. Triterpene glycosides belong to the class of secondary plant metabolites known as saponins and are composed of a polycyclic aglycone attached via C3 and an ether bond to a sugar side chain. 


Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder Mechanism Of Action

Researchers have found that Cycloastragenol is extremely good at reversing the process by growing the length of telomeres, which inevitably slows aging. This is accomplished by triggering the act of an enzyme referred to as telomerase that repairs the broken/reduced telomeres. So far cycloastragenol may be the only telomerase activator by growing telomerase quantity.

Cycloastragenol stretches T cell proliferation by growing telomerase activity which will help many cells boost their telomeres longer, adding more many years of possible cellular reproduction that some believe will enable longer human lifespan.


Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder (78574-94-4) Application

  1. Applied in health product field, cycloastreganol 50% and 98% powder can be used as dietary supplement ingredients;
  2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, 98% cycloastragenol powder can be used, according to strict and science-based clinic study.


Cycloastragenol(CAG) (78574-94-4) More research

Function of Cycloastragenol powder

1.Astragalus Extract Cycloastragenol can increase energy and endurance, enhance the immune system and aid in the recovery from chronic stress or prolonged illness.

2.Studies have documented that Astragalus Extract Cycloastragenol boosts activity of several kinds of white blood cells and increases production of antibodies and interferon, the body own natural anti-viral agent.

3.Cycloastragenol has the effect on relieving stresses and protecting the body against various stresses,including physical, mental, or emotional stress;

4.Astragalus Extract has the function of enhancing immunity, protecting the body from diseases such as cancer and diabetes;

5.contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals;

6.used to protect and support the immune system, antibacterial, and antiinflammatory, for preventing colds and upper respiratory infections;

7.Cycloastragenol has the effect on lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and protecting the liver.


Cycloastragenol(CAG) powder (78574-94-4) Reference

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  • Cycloastragenol (CAG): Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects


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