Fisetin Powder 528-48-3

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Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.
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What are the benefits of Fisetin powder?

  1. May delay aging
  2. May reduce Depression and Anxiety
  3. May improve memory
  4. May improve Skin health by improving collagen, reducing UV damage
  5. May help treat eczema, a skin disease
  6. May protect the brain and improve cognitive health
  7. May control blood sugar
  8. May reduce bad cholesterol and improve heart health
  9. May protect the liver from damage by alcohol
  10. May reduce colon inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Chemical Base Information Base Information

Name Fisetin Powder
CAS 528-48-3
Purity 65%、98%
Chemical name 2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)-3,7-dihydroxy-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one
Synonyms 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3,7-dihydroxychromen-4-one , 3,3′,4′,7-Tetrahydroxyflavone , 5-Deoxyquercetin , Natural Brown 1 , CI-75620 , NSC 407010 , NSC 656275 , BRN 0292829 , Cotinin , 528-48-3 (anhydrous)
Molecular Formula C15H10O6
Molecular Weight 286.24
Melting Point 330° C (dec.)
Form Solid
Appearance Yellow Powder
Half Life /
Solubility Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO and to 10 mM in ethanol
Storage Condition −20°C for long time
Application Fisetin is a potent sirtuin activating compound (STAC), antiinflammatory and anticancer agent
Testing Document Available


What is Fisetin Powder (528-48-3)?

Fisetin can be found in a wide variety of plants. It is found in Eudicotyledons, such as trees and shrubs in the family Fabaceae, such as the acacias Acacia greggii and Acacia berlandieri, the parrot tree (Butea frondosa), the honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), members of the family Anacardiaceae such as the Quebracho colorado and species of the genus Rhus, which contains the sumacs. Along with myricetin, fisetin powder provides the color of the traditional yellow dye young fustic, which was extracted from the Eurasian smoketree (Rhus cotinus). Many fruits and vegetables also contain fisetin, including strawberriesapples, and grapes. Fisetin bulk powder can be extracted from fruit and herbal sources in juices, wines, and infusions such as teas. It is also found in Monocotyledons such as onions. It is also present in Pinophyta species such as the yellow cypress (Callitropsis nootkatensis).

Fisetin supplement is shown to exhibit anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant activities and also enhance the memory.


Fisetin Powder 528-48-3 History

Fisetin is a plant polyphenol and part of the flavonoid group in the flavonol sub-category. The earliest record of isolated fisetin dates back to 1833 from the smoke bush (Rhus cotinus). Its basic chemical characteristics were later defined by J. Schmidt in 1886, but it was not until the 1890s when S. Kostanecki defined its chemical structure and confirmed it via synthesis. Kostanecki launched a study of plant pigments during this period and coined group names for sub-categories, including flavones, flavonol, chromones, and chalcones.

Fisetin powder, like many plant polyphenols, is known to have antioxidant properties and demonstrates the specific biological activity of protecting functional macromolecules against stress, resulting in a benefit to cellular cytoprotection. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive, and chemotherapeutic properties.

Finally, more recently, it has also shown promise as a senolytic, a compound that encourages aged or damaged senescent cells to destroy themselves rather than lingering in the body and contributing to the chronic, age-related inflammation known as “inflammaging”, which is associated with a wide range of age-related diseases.


Fisetin Powder Effects

Fisetin can be used to cure rheumatism, dysentery, astrological, hernia, abdominal distension, toothache, traumatic injuries, and skin ulcer in clinical.

Fisetin can anti-inflammatory.

Fisetin can antiproliferative.

Fisetin can indications of Rheumatoid arthritis, diarrhea, stomach pain, hernia pain, abdominal distention, pain, bruises, swelling, sores, carbuncles.

Fisetin can dispel wind and dehumidifying.

Fisetin is a naturally occurring therapeutically active flavonol which has been used in the synthesis of pharmaceutically active anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antiproliferative agents.


What are the side effects of Fisetin powder?

Fisetin bulk powder is generally thought to be very safe. However, due to the very limited number of human trials with fisetin, its safety profile in high doses is relatively unknown. In any case, irrespective of the known health benefits, pregnant women and children should avoid taking the fisetin supplements, due to lack of information of the side-effects of their use.


Fisetin Powder (528-48-3) More research

Numerous scientific studies over the past 10-15 years have established that Fisetin has beneficial effects on brain cells.  It is a small molecule that is easily able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  In the brain, it supports the removal of senescent cells. By selectively removing the senescent cells (and the spreading inflammation they foster), Fisetin supplement can improve overall brain functioning and help restore mental alertness.

In June 2019, scientists published the results of an experiment in which they injected mice with a harmful ‘neuro-toxin’ substance that promptly caused their brain cells to enter that inflamed senescent state.  Their behavior, balance, muscle control, etc. changed markedly, and the mice could no longer handle the “maze tests” that they’d been good at before.  When those same unfortunate mice were then given doses of FISETIN, they recovered and regained their ability to navigate the maze tests, etc.   In performing this radical type of test (which obviously can only be performed on very simple lab animals like mice), the scientists demonstrated the amazing effectiveness of FISETIN.


Where to Buy Fisetin Powder

Wisepowder offer Fisetin bulk powder in 40g package, and offer wholesale different quantity according to your need. Wisepowder’s fisetin powder in purity 98% and 65%, had been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.


Fisetin Powder 528-48-3 Reference

[1] Yousefzadeh, M. J., Zhu, Y., McGowan, S. J., Angelini, L., Fuhrmann-Stroissnigg, H., Xu, M., … & McGuckian, C. (2018). Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan. EBioMedicine, 36, 18-28.

[2] Schubert, D., Currais, A., Goldberg, J., Finley, K., Petrascheck, M., & Maher, P. (2018). Geroneuroprotectors: Effective Geroprotectors for the Brain. Trends in pharmacological sciences, 39(12), 1004-1007.

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