Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9

Octacosanol is a straight-chain aliphatic 28-carbon primary fatty alcohol that is common in the epicuticular waxes of plants, including the leaves of many species of Eucalyptus, of most forage and cereal grasses, of Acacia, Trifolium, Pisum and many other legume genera among many others, sometimes as the major wax constituent. It also occurs in wheat germ. Octacosanol is the main ingredient of policosanol and it has a variety of pharmacological effects, and may help patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Manufacture:  Batch Production
Package:  1KG/bag, 25KG/drum
Wisepowder has the capability to produce and supply large quantity. All production under cGMP condition and strict quality control system, all testing documents and sample available.

Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 Base Information

Name Octacosanol Powder
CAS 557-61-9
Purity 60%、90%
Chemical name 1-Octacosanol
Synonyms n-Octacosanol, Octacosyl alcohol, Octanosol, Montanyl alcohol, Cluytyl alcohol
Molecular Formula C28H58O
Molecular Weight 410.76
Melting Point 81-83°C
Form Solid
Appearance White to Almost white powder to crystal
Half Life /
Solubility Soluble in hot ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene, toluene, dichlorothane, chloroform and petroleum ether and other organic solvents, insoluble in water.It is non-toxic.
Storage Condition Store at 4° C
Application Health medicine, health food, beverage, cosmetics additives
Testing Document Available


Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 General Description

Octacosanol is a world-recognized fatigue material with unique physiological functions. Studies have confirmed that octacosanol enhances physical strength, energy and endurance; improves stress, body metabolic rate, and body oxygen utilization rate; lowers serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reduces systolic blood pressure.

Therefore, octacosanol is a new functional food additive that can be widely used in various health foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and animal feeds, and has achieved encouraging results in a series of experiments.


Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 History

Octacosanol is developed from wheat germ, sugar cane, or vegetable waxes.


Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 Mechanism OAction

Octacosano Application: Octacosanol is a kind of new functional food additives, can be made into candy, cakes, sports drinks, anti fatigue beverage, health care capsules, health food etc.. For health care products, octacosanol is a promoter of calcitonin formation, which can be used to prevent osteoporosis caused by hypercalcemia and stimulate physiological functions of animals and humans. The use of cosmetics can promote blood circulation, improve oxygen delivery and basal metabolic rate, and enhance skin activity through skin absorption. For feed, it can increase the ability of the fish to resist the adversity, improve the physical strength, reduce the death rate of the fish in the process of capture and transportation, and keep the high vitality in the market.

Octacosano Functional food applications: the United States New foods- Octacosanol powder, American Solarayine- energy food, American Uniproine, the anti fatigue beverages of the Suntory Company in Japan, the sports candy of Roche company in Japan, the GOLD-NI capsule and “Vivid” in Japanese company.


Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 More research

Octacosanol has the efficacy of anti fatigue, blood lipid lowering, liver protection and so on. It can be used for the early Parkinson’s of old people.

Octacosanol is the active ingredient in sugar cane, wheat germ oil, spinach, and other natural sources.  It is used to increase endurance, stamina & vigor.  It can be used to make various kinds of health foods, and widely used in the trades of candy, cake, beverage, etc.  It is also suitable for developing new generation of sport beverage and high energy drinks. The global similar products are popular.


Octacosanol Powder 557-61-9 Reference

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