Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol: Which One Is Better For Your Health?

When comparing Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol, you’ll realize that there are many facts that you have been missing about the two. Living a healthy life requires that you comment on a healthy diet, exercise together with appropriate medications. However, we may observe all these, but some problems like neurological problems may persist.

Moreover, you should understand that supplements containing Pterostilbene and Resveratrol can help you manage some of them. As much as pharmaceutical companies are incorporating these compounds on their supplements, it becomes challenging to identify the best one for your health. Therefore, we shall have a detailed review while addressing pterostilbene longecity and pterostilbene resveratrol sources


What Is Resveratrol?

In the past few years, many people promoted red wine, urging that it possess various health benefits. However, what could not be explained is how it delivers these therapeutic benefits to the body. Moreover, you’ll realize that many types of research have been conducted about red wine, and it’s clear that it contains a compound that wholesomely benefits our health.

Red wine is made from grapes fruit which and Resveratrol is one of its active compounds. Resveratrol comes from a group known as polyphenol and commonly known as stilbenoid. It’s not true that you can only get Resveratrol in wine, but other natural sources also include peanuts and berries. However, if wine isn’t your favorite drink, you can buy the best resveratrol supplement available.


What is Pterostilbene?

When it comes to Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol, you’ll realize that many research types have been centered on Resveratrol. However, Pterostilbene benefits in terms of health can be more than that of Resveratrol, although these compounds resemble one another in terms of structure but act differently with the human body. However, Pterostilbene being natural antioxidant it majorly occurs in blueberry. Although, other pterostilbene sources include mulberries, almonds grapes though they occur in low quantity. Furthermore, it has a higher absorption rate and increased oxidation properties when compared to Resveratrol. Additionally, you can buy a Resveratrol supplement if getting the fruits can be a problem for you.

Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol

Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol, what the right dosage?

The question of which dosage is right has been a significant concern to many people out there. However, it’s also practical to understand that some supplement has a higher concentration of Pterostilbene or Resveratrol than others. So, before you determine the appropriate, you may be concerned with thier strength. For instance, when you drink a glass of red wine, you are likely to get 1mg of Resveratrol.

As much as the standard dosage has been a significant concern, but the confusion has been solved. Commercial resveratrol dosage is often between 50 to 250mg. Any resveratrol dosage beyond this category can result in some side effects.

On the other hand, Pterostilbene occurs on fruits in a lower amount (about 0.03mg on blueberry); thus, it will be advantageous if you use resveratrol powder suppliants. However, it’s high bioavailable when compared to Resveratrol. Meanwhile, the optimal pterostilbene dosage isn’t known though it can stay on the body for seven days.


Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol Health Benefits

There are several health benefits that you get when you use Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol. These compounds do not have deadly side effects like other medications we have seen on the market. Let’s have a look at what each has to offer.


Resveratrol and pterostilbene cancer benefits

Many people spend a lot of money on cancer medication to the extent that they can’t financially support themselves anymore. Also, there are more different forms of cancer like prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer, among others, which should be treated to avoid deaths in the early stage.

Pterostilbene palsy a significant role when it comes to the spread and death of cancerous cells. There is more than one condition that can cause healthy cells to develop into cancerous cells. However, Pterostilbene prevents these cells from growing and also initiates a process called apoptosis that causes self-destruction of cancerous cells. Also, it will avoid NFκB inflammation.

On the other hand, Resveratrol can help cancer patients by improving the bodies’ natural immunity against increased free cell radicals. These free radicals are linked to the development of cancer cells in the first stage.


Cardiovascular benefits of Resveratrol and Pterostilbene

Our heart is like the engine that controls a car. Whenever the hear isn’t functioning correctly, it means that there will be reduced blood flow, which can, later on, result in more cardiovascular complications.

Scientific studies show that Pterostilbene can reduce LDL levels (which is also known as bad cholesterol) in the body. Heart problems are linked to increased cholesterol levels on the blood. So, by reducing these levels, there will be a reduced chance of heart attack.

Resveratrol, on the other hand, protect us against chronic heart diseases by reducing high blood pressure. It works by preventing plague deposition in arteries, thereby allowing the efficient flow of blood. As blood flows effectively, the chances of heart problems are reduced.

Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol

Pterostilbene and weight loss

Having too much weight can be a probe n as you may encounter problems like obesity. However, reducing some pounds can help you to avoid such issues. Resveratrol increases the rate of metabolism, which allows your body to burn stored fats. Therefore, You’ll be able to reduce weight. As a result, you are thus obtaining your target shape. Also, with increased aerobic performance, you’ll develop a good body mass index. Similarly, Pterostilbene reduces weight by lowering the level of cholesterol. Though it’s not recommended to combine weight loss drugs with these supplements


Cognitive benefits of Pterostilbene and Resveratrol

The presence of free radicals on the brain can result in conditions like increased aging process and Alzheimer’s disease. Most people on their old do develop problems like compromised memory and hearing process. Even though these conditions are linked to neurodegeneration, Pterostilbene, and Resveratrol foods can better your health.

Consuming the best resveratrol supplement will help you to overcome the effects of old age. Also, Resveratrol increases the amount of insulin-like growth factor-I. these peptides enhance the growth of neurons (neurogenesis) and blood vessels (angiogenesis) on the brain thus improving cognitive ability.

The compound can reduce the rate of cognitive dysfunction. On the other hand, Pterostilbene has been identified as a potent neuromodulator, thereby allowing for normal edging processes. It protects brain cells and nerves, thus ensuring the healthy working of the brain.


Pterostilbene and Resveratrol for anxiety  

Having elevated mood can protect you from stress-related problems. Although there are treatment options for anxiety, depression, and anxiety, Pterostilbene can treat anxiety, depression, and other issues.

A study that opted to finds out how rats react to Pterostilbene should increase activity on brain parts called the amygdala and hippocampus. These are critical areas in the brain that have a link to mood, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, the study shows that Pterostilbene can be a good treatment option for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Resveratrol powder has also shown potential health benefits when used to treat anxiety and stress relayed problems. Scientifically, it may be functioning by interacting with the Endocannabinoid to help regulate receptors and hormones linked with anxiety.


Type II Diabetes

When eating food that has a high concentration of carbohydrates may result in Type 2 diabetes. However, it’s not just a high carb diet that causes divest but also reduced insulin sensitivity. As you approach your old age, the body may begin realizing more insulin. Thus, your body will lose insulin sensitivity.

However, some studies have shown that eating Pterostilbene foods can have a positive in your life. Furthermore, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR-α) which controls how our body reacts to fasting and initiation of ketogenesis. Because Pterostilbene promotes how PPAR-α works, your body will burn more fats, reducing sugar level in the body. There is no direct link between Type II Diabetes and Resveratrol benefits though there are Resveratrol studies currently undertaken.

Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol

Side effects of Pterostilbene and Resveratrol

Before using any supplement containing Pterostilbene or Resveratrol, you should determine its possible side effects. The study on these compounds is mostly carried on laboratory, and not many of them indicate Pterostilbene and Resveratrol side effects. Although taking a higher Resveratrol dosage may negatively impact your health. It’s common to experience mild effects, but when the systematism persists, then you should talk to your doctor. However, the only Resveratrol side effects so far reported an increase in the level of LDL cholesterol.



When comparing the health benefits of Pterostilbene Vs Resveratrol, you’ll have to figure out various factors. First, you should know if some reported side effects can ruin your body. Secondly, compare the Resveratrol dosage requirement and that of Pterostilbene. Furthermore, understanding the dosage will help you to know the amount of the compound you should take. Thirdly, the availability of the compounds can play a more significant role as you will not have to pay much for Pterostilbene when you know you can get the best resveratrol supplement with a higher availability rate.

Finally, the source matters a lot, we know that you can find resveratrol supplements on the market, but also, they can be found on fruits though in lower quality. So, if you can get readily available one, then you can categorize them as best for health.



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