2020 Magnesium L-threonate For Brain Restoring The Best Nootropic Supplement

What is Magnesium L-threonate?

Magnesium L-threonate (778571-57-6) stands out as the most absorbable form of magnesium pills on the market today.  Magnesium is a common mineral that can is present in different foods and is very crucial for human health as it’s used in over 600 cellular reactions in your body system.

Magnesium L-threonate has been patented under the name Magtein and is the only drug that has proven to be effective in improving magnesium levels in the brain.  Every organ or cell in your body needs magnesium to perform its duties properly. This mineral contributes to bone health, muscle, heart, and correct brain functioning.

On the other hand, magnesium also helps in the treatment of sleep problems. There are many types of magnesium supplements on the market today, including magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, and magnesium chloride. These forms are all used to improve the mineral levels in the body and help in promoting cell and organ activities.

The good news is that magnesium L-threonate powder is readily available both online and in physical stores around you. However, make sure you get the drug’s prescription from a medical professional for better results.

As much as magnesium L-threonate is beneficial in your body system, it can lead to severe side effects when misused or overdosed. Just like when taking any other nootropic, involving your doctor in the whole dosage process assures you of quality and impressive results.

How does Magnesium L-threonate work?

Primarily, magnesium L-threonate work is to increase magnesium levels in your body system and help in improving your overall cell and organs functioning. As mentioned earlier, magnesium plays a vital role to aid the proper functioning of your body cells.

Magnesium mineral is available in various day to day foods that you take almost daily. However, sometimes the mineral levels might go down and expose you to different health conditions. For instance, low magnesium levels can lead to mood problems, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, headaches, and migraine. Athletes also suffer from muscle cramps and twitches when they lack enough magnesium in their body systems.

On top of the healthy magnesium available on your meals, if the mineral is not enough to facilitate the proper functioning of your cells and organs, then your doctor might prescribe Magnesium L-threonate. Human bodies are different, and therefore, not everyone will experience similar problems when they are suffering from magnesium deficiency. However, Magnesium L-threonate has proven to be a potent magnesium boosting supplement. Depending on your level of magnesium deficiency, Magnesium L-threonate delivers significant benefits when used correctly.

Once you take your Magnesium L-threonate dosage, the drug gets absorbed in your body system quickly and starts working almost immediately. Sufficient magnesium in your body results to improved cognitive function and memory, enhance the proper functioning of body muscles and nerves as well as boosting other body parts adequate functioning. In your stomach, magnesium mineral plays a vital role in neutralizing stomach acids and facilitate the movement of stools through the intestines.



Magnesium L-threonate

Is Magnesium L-threonate good for sleep?

Yes, Magnesium L-threonate good for sleep.Many people have problems when it comes to getting quality sleep, and breaking the insomnia cycle can be very difficult. You can change your sleeping routine or even reduce the caffeine intake but still fail to get the desired results. However, taking supplements such as Magnesium L-threonate can help you get quality sleep.

A mineral like magnesium has various effects on your body system that promotes sleep. Therefore, lack of magnesium might lead to health conditions that result in insomnia. Magnesium L-threonate, thus, will improve body and cellular functions that will eventually help you get to sleep. In promotion of sleep magnesium plays the following roles in your body;

1). Help your body and brain to relax

For you to get quality sleep, your brain and the body must relax. Sufficient magnesium levels in your body system help in relaxing your mind and body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming and relaxing your body systems. Magnesium controls the neurotransmitters, which are responsible for sending signals throughout your brain and the body. On the other hand, it also regulates hormone melatonin that is responsible for guiding sleep-wake cycles.

Magnesium binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for calming down the nerve activity. GABA is the same neurotransmitter used in the manufacturing of sleep medications such as Ambien. Silencing the nervous system prepares your mind and body to sleep.

2). Magnesium deficiency interferes with sleep

Just lacking enough magnesium mineral in your body system leads to sleep problems or insomnia. Therefore, Magnesium L-threonate is vital in improving the mineral levels in your body to guarantee you quality sleep.  Medical studies show that optimal magnesium levels are essential for normal sleep. However, both high and low magnesium levels can lead to sleep problems, and that’s why it’s advisable to go for a medical examination before you start taking magnesium L-threonate dosage.

Different reasons and health conditions can cause magnesium deficiency. For instance, digestive diseases which affect your digestive tract can make it difficult for your body to absorb minerals and vitamins properly, leading to magnesium deficiencies. Diabetes and insulin resistance are also linked to massive magnesium loss.

Age is also a factor as the older adults take meals with less magnesium than the younger adults. That means older adults are at high risk of suffering from magnesium deficiency symptoms such as sleep problems. Heavy alcohol drinkers are also likely to have a mineral deficiency. Sufficient magnesium means you will get improved sleep, and that’s where Magnesium L-threonate comes in handy.

3). Regulates quality of the sleep

Magnesium helps you to attain restful and deep sleep. The mineral’s impact on the nervous system makes it easy for you to have a night of quality sleep. Magnesium blocks molecules from binding with neurons, thus calming down the nervous system, which results in quality sleep. Different studies have shown how magnesium is vital in promoting sleep. Currently, studies have confirmed the magnesium impact in solving sleep problems amongst older adults.

Brain restoring impact of Magnesium L-Threonate

Magnesium L-threonate was patented after the discovery of its ability to improve magnesium levels in the brain. This drug is quickly absorbed into the body system and enters the mind to enable magnesium to reverse brain aging symptoms such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD). This ADHD develops slowly over the years, and it might be hard to notice it at its initial stages, but the condition is associated with cognitive decline.

Older adults take meals with less magnesium, which explains why magnesium deficiency is common amongst them. There are also other health conditions like digestive problems and diabetes that lower the magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium enhances the function ability of various nerves, muscles cells, and different body organs.

Insufficient magnesium in the brain leads to problems such as sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and also affects memory and cognitive functions. However, the effects might vary from one person to another, but magnesium L-threonate can solve them by increasing the mineral levels in your brain.

Different medical studies and tests have proved the magnesium L-threonate potency in reversing brain aging systems. The finding that’s stood out is when it was discovered that Magnesium L-threonate could reverse more than nine years of brain aging effects. This drug increases the density of the synapses, which is communication connections between your brain cells — loss of synaptic density results to cognitive decline and brain shrinkage.

Studies show that 12- week Magnesium L-threonate administration boosts cognitive performance and reverses brain aging. Typically, the brain shrinks as you age due to the decline of numbers and brain cells functions and their cerebral switchboards, which is referred to as synapses.

Loss of synapses is the primary reason behind the cognitive decline. Therefore, Magnesium L-threonate ability to boost synapses density makes it the best memory and cognitive enhancing supplement on the market today.  Once the magnesium levels in your brain are sufficient, you can be sure of reversing brain aging problems. Medical examination before, during, and after the dosage cycle will be essential to monitor the medication progress.


Magnesium L-threonate


What other benefits of magnesium L-threonate?

Brain health and enhancing the quality of sleep is not the only benefits that you will get for taking Magnesium L-threonate. The drug plays a vital role in improving the function ability of almost every cell and organs in your body. Magnesium is an essential mineral that your body needs to function correctly. Here are some of the other Magnesium L-threonate benefits;

1). Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

These two conditions are very common to many people nowadays, and various reasons cause them. However, magnesium has proved its ability to regulate and ease depression and anxiety. Mostly, these two mental conditions are associated with magnesium deficiency. Therefore, if you lack enough of this mineral in your brain, you are likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Magnesium ability to calm down the nervous system helps in alleviating the two mood disorders. The magnesium L-threonate anxiety should be taken under doctor’s instructions for better results.

2). Promotes healthy bones and muscles

Magnesium deficiency leads to leg cramps and weak bones, mostly at old age. Magnesium L-threonate can also treat osteoporosis which is a common condition for the old adults. On the other hand, athletes take this drug to help them in the recovery of muscles after workouts and for both aerobic and anaerobic energy production.

The benefits of magnesium L-threonate are many, and the drug is used for treatment of different health conditions. For instance, the drug is used to relieve pains after hysterectomy, surgery, and chest pains resulting from clogged arteries. Magnesium L-threonate also plays a vital role in the treatment of hearing loss, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and lowering cholesterol levels amongst other health conditions.

How much Magnesium L-threonate should I take?

Magnesium L-threonate is an oral drug taken through the mouth. The drug is available in the form of tablet and powder. However, magnesium L-threonate dosage depends on the user and the condition under treatment. Your doctor will be the best person to set the right dosage for you. Although there the manufacturers’ dosage suggestion always go for a medical checkup as human body systems are different.

The recommended magnesium L-threonate dosage for 19-30 years old is 400mg (men) and 310mg per day for women.  For 31 years and older men should take 420mg and women 320mg per day.  The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for pregnant women between 14 to 18 years is 400mg, while those from 19-30 years is 350mg and 31-50 years is 360mg.

Lactating women can also take this drug as follows; 14-18 years 360mg per day, 19-30 years old recommended dose is 310mg while 31-50 years the dose is around 320mg. The magnesium L-threonate daily upper-level dosage for anyone aged over eight years old is 350mg, and that includes both breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Magnesium L-threonate is used in the treatment of different health conditions, and the dosage also varies from one user to another. For instance, in indigestion (dyspepsia) treatment, the recommended dosage ranges from 400-1200mg should be divided for up to four times per day.

For optimal cognitive benefits, the recommended dose is 1000mg to be taken two times per day. When taking Magnesium L-threonate for sleep problems, the right dosage is between 400-420mg per day for men and 310-360mg for women. All in all, the Magnesium L-threonate (778571-57-6) dosage varies from one user to another; therefore, make you sure you get the right prescription from your medic.



Magnesium L-threonate

What foods are high in Magnesium L-threonate?

Apart from taking Magnesium L-threonate to enhance the magnesium levels in your brain, you can also take advantage of foods rich in these minerals. These foods can help you attain the needed magnesium levels in your mind and enjoy all the mineral benefits. Here are some of the top foods rich in Magnesium L-threonate;

  • Dark Chocolate– as much as it’s delicious and healthy, it carries 64mg of magnesium which is 16% of the RDI. Apart from that, dark chocolate is also rich in copper, iron, and manganese as well as prebiotic fiber.
  • Avocados– this tasty and nutritious fruit can provide you with 58mg of magnesium which is about 15% of RDI. The fruit is also rich in vitamins B, K, and a great source of potassium.
  • Nutsare– also known to be one of the best Magnesium L-threonate natural sources. 1-ounce serving cashews possesses 82mg magnesium which is 20% of the RDI.
  • Legumessuch– as peas, lentils, chickpeas, and soya beans are rich in different minerals, including magnesium. For instance, one cup of cooked beans contains 120mg of magnesium, and that’s 30% of the RDI.

There also other foods like Tofu, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, fatty fish, to mention a few. Consult with your nutritionist for more information about these magnesium-rich foods.

Buy Magnesium L-threonate online

Magnesium L-threonate powder is a readily available drug both in physical and online stores. You can buy this drug from the comfort of your office or home and wait for delivery which should be made by a reliable supplier within the shortest time possible.

Consult with your doctor to guide you in getting quality Magnesium L-threonate and from a reputable and experienced seller. Different online Nootropics depots stock this drug including Walmart, Amazon, and Magnesium L-threonate vitamin Shoppe.

There are also other online sellers but always do your research to get more information about any Nootropic vendor before making your order.  Magnesium L-threonate buying should be handled with care as taking low-quality, or counterfeit drug can expose you to some severe effects.

Read the Nootropics reviews to know more about the Magnesium L-threonate online sellers across the world. Currently, Magnesium L-threonate amazon and Magnesium L-threonate Walmart are the most popular Nootropic sources. Online stores are the best as they allow you to shop for different Nootropic supplements via your phone, laptop, or tablet. Take a look at how long the product will take to be shipped to your location and choose the best deal for you.


Magnesium is a vital mineral for boosting cognitive function, improving sleep, and reducing brain aging symptoms as well as enhancing body cells and organs functioning. There are different magnesium sources, from medications to natural foods. Lack of magnesium exposes individuals to various health conditions such as ADHD. However, the development of Magnesium L-threonate ADHD is good news for individuals with low magnesium levels as it has proved to be a potent drug for mineral deficiency symptoms.  The drug is also used for other medical uses such as relieving pains after surgery and boosting bones and muscle health.

Looking at various magnesium L-threonate reviews, you can authoritatively say it’s among the most substantial magnesium source. Magnesium L-threonate is a legal drug, but you should take it under a doctor’s prescription for better results. The drug is available on both physical and online stores. Never adjust the dosage upward or downward without informing your doctor. In case of any side effects also contact your medic immediately. For more information about magnesium L-threonate and other nootropics buy, consult with medical professionals.


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